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Lumia 720 VS iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S4 Low Light Photo Quality Comparison Review

For most of us the low light photography matters a lot as when you take photo in real day to day life you may not have proper light all the time at all the places when you capture a photo, so we have smartphones camera designed in such a way that it handles the photos in low light well and in some cases it is the camera software as well which play a role in making this photos look much better in final.

So, one day we decided we will compare the quality of low light photo taken with Lumia 720 VS iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S4 and below are some samples for the same.

Some Low Light Photo Samples Taken From Lumia 720, iPhone 5 and S4

This photo is taken in low evening natural light and if you see all the photos, you will notice the colors reproduction is much better on 720




Another photo sample is taken in natural low evening light and again the Lumia 720 photo looks much better than iPhone 5 and S4




Last photo sample taken in very low light at night time and this time again Lumia 720 photo looks much better.




More Photos Samples Taken By Nokia Lumia 720 in Low and Day Light With and Without Flash



Finally to conclude the overall comparison, I would like to say that the photos taken with S4 and iPhone were good in terms on fine details but color reproduction seems better on Lumia 720 which is much cheaper than both iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 in case you have any confusion you can watch our comparison video review for low light photo quality on these devices.

Lumia 720 VS iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S4 Review [Video]


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