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Gionee E3 Review – Benchmarks, Gaming, Camera and Verdict

Gionee Elife E3 is another new offering from Gionee after Dream D1 which we had already reviewed, E3 on the other hand has removable battery and it has a 4.7 inch IPS LCD display with a effective resolution of 720x 1280 HD resolution and powered with a 1.2 Ghz Quad Core processor Cortex A7 and GPU on the device is Power VR SGX 544MP and comes with 1800 mAh battery.


Gionee E3 Quick Specs

Display Size: 4.7 inch IPS LCD touch screen with 720 x 1280 HD resolution
Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad-core MT6589
RAM: 1 Gb
Software Version: Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) OS
Dual Sim: Yes (GSM + GSM) with Dual Standby
Camera: 8.0 MP auto focus camera.
Secondary Camera: 2.0 MP front-facing camera
Internal Storage: 16 GB with 14gb User available
External Storage: Expandable up to 32GB
Battery: 1800 mAh battery
Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio

Box Contents

Gionee E3 comes with in ear headphones with noise cancellation, USB to micro USB cable, USB travel charger, a transparent plastic case, two screen protectors, user guide, warranty card and the Handset with battery.


Gionee E3 Hands on Quick Review [Video]

Build Quality, Design and Form Factor

The build quality of Gionee E3 is exceptionally good and very light in terms of weight much as compared to the other phones in this price range, it comes in bright colors like red, blue and yellow. It has a matt finish back cover which feels really good in hands and gives a nice grip while holding the device. In terms of design its of the most thinnest device at only 7.9 mm thick which makes it the thinnest phone at the price of 15k approx. The Form factor is quite good it feels really light and portable to carry around with its light weight and screen size is appropriate does not feel very big or small.

Display, Memory and Battery Backup

It has got a HD display at 720 x 1280 which makes things really crisp and sharp and the viewing angles of the display are really good. The screen is also equipped with capacitive touch and multi-point (5 points) touch which is as sensitive as any other phone and the display is fairly visible while using the phone in sunlight. You have around 14 Gb available out of 16GB of internal storage and you can can expand the storage using 32 Gb SD memory card maximum.

Yes you can install apps in SD card as preferred install location can be set and it has 1 GB of RAM which was quite good to make phone faster we did not notice much lag while playing games or doing graphic intensive.  We got around 1 day or battery backup on the phone with moderate usage like browsing web, playing some graphic games, listening music around 15 minutes and watched few youtube videos, but it does lasted for a full day even with more heavy usage.

Software, Benchmarks and Gaming

It runs on android 4.1.2 out of the box and it should get 4.2 as well and that too through the over the air updates. The benchmarks scores we have got the following scores.

Benchmark Scores for Canvas 3D

  • Quadrant Standard Edition: 4073
  • Antutu Benchmark: 13239
  • Nenamark2: 42.6 fps.
  • Multi Touch: 5 point.

The above scores are quite decent and we played some graphic intensive games like Dead Trigger, Asphalt 7, Need For Speed Most Wanted ran without any issues and we did not faced lag in graphics and the casual games like angry bird, temple run oz and subway surfer ran fine on this device.

Benchmarks and Gaming Review [Video]

Rear and Front Camera

The rear camera is 8MP auto focus supported is a good shooter in day light and macro mode photos were really good in day light and in indoor as well the colors in the photos were quite good and details in the picture for the objects were also quite good. The rear 8 MP camera can record HD Videos at 720p resolution and also at 1080p

8MP Camera Samples


Sound, Video and Navigation

The sound from the loudspeaker and earpiece was loud and pretty clear, it can play videos at 720p and 1080p without any problem and navigation also worked using the assisted GPS so when you use GPS navigation make sure to turn on GPS EPO assistance and assisted GPs under location services.

Gionee E3 Photo Gallery


Gionee E3 Unboxing + Full In Depth Review [Video]

Conclusion and Price

This phone very nicely designed looks kind of premium at an affordable price as compared to other devices, it is fairly light you do not feel the weight of it and really slim as well, comes with decent hardware which will be good enough for most of the graphic intensive games, its is better choice for those who would like to have a sharper resolution at adequate screen size which provide a better form factor than the other popular bulky phones in this price segment, it comes for a price of around 15,000 INR and worth this price as per features and hardware it has, we like this device as it is equally good compared to Micromax Canvas A116.

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157 thoughts on “Gionee E3 Review – Benchmarks, Gaming, Camera and Verdict”

  1. sir plzzz review zen ultrafone 701HD indepeath review… plzz upload review today or 2marow

  2. Hello Abhishek Tell About this(Elife E3) Phone Music Quality,Loud Speaker Quality thank you.

  3. Sound quality through the earphones is quite good it comes with in ear headphones and loudness of loudspeaker is quite loud and clear, but its not too loud.

  4. Hi abhi,

    You have mentioned in your review that this phone comes with 4.1.2 but looks like its 4.2.1. Can you confirm!!.

    One more thing Abhi .. what is your opinion about the camera is it good. From the samples you have given they look washed out the colors dont look accurate.

  5. hey … can u tell me ..
    1. if it has a LED notification … ??
    2. how is the sound of call speaker and sound of ringtone when a call comes … ??
    3. how is battery backup ?? will it last a day … ?? (i listen to music like 5-6 hours , games causal mainly about max of 1 hours, surf web about 2 hrs , messaging and call of 2 hours …)
    thanks in advance …

  6. 1. Cant confirm about LED notification light as if now

    2. Sound from the loud speaker is good enough but its not very lound, you can hear it in our full video review link below. Rightone is fairly lound so that you dont miss any call.

    3. Battery backup is around one day – yes it should last for you for one as per the usage you have specified

  7. Hello Abhishek,
    Does the display have gorilla glass 2 protection like it has on Dream D1 ?
    Nothing is mentioned on their website.

  8. The front display is scratch proof to some extent, but there is no gorilla glass type protection on this device.

  9. Hey man, a few questions
    1. It has IPS display, ryt? is it better than the rest of the phones in this range? I saw a review online in which the reviewer was quite impressed with the display
    2. Can it play temple run and subway surfers easily without lagging?
    3. Does it have external gamepad support?
    4. Can it be rooted?
    5. Rate this device out of 10.

    I have been following you for a while and I am really impressed by your reviews, keep up the good work man!!

  10. 1. yes
    2. yes you can play both games without lag.
    3. we haven’t tested that, will let you know.
    4. any phone can be rooted!
    5. its upto you to rate, read our review this is one of the good device available but again not the best one as per us.

  11. Does this mobile support and play games like GTA 3, modern combat 4 zero hour, nova 3 and asphalt 7, asking this because another blogger said those games are not supported in this device, but I love those games, please let me know which is true ASAP thanks

  12. It’s awesome phone.

    Needs improvements as
    1. 2500 mAh battery 1800 is too less for this awesome ph. as i want to use it all the tym.

    2. Notification light is must.


  13. I am surprised why the benchmark scores Canvas 3D was published here. Just to correct, in case of oversight.

    Quadrant Standard Edition: 4073
    Antutu Benchmark: 13239
    Nenamark2: 42.6 fps.
    Multi Touch: 5 point.

  14. Beniram Khuraijam

    1. What makes the display scratch proof if there is no protection like in corning Gorilla Glass of AGC Dragon Trail Glass?

    2. Which glass is being used for the display?

  15. you say that you played asphalt7 on this device while igyaan tells us that this device is not compatible with games like asphalt7, nova3, modern combat4 and gta. then how you played asphalt7 please reply

  16. Really Nice Looking Device….. Thanx for the review,,,,
    Let me pls know about the sensors of this device.. does it have compass ? gyro?
    Also let us know about the LED notification Light..Is it Present in this Device?

    Appreciates Ur Works

  17. there is no info about the glass protection technology used on this phone from the manufacture company.

  18. It has required sensors, will soon update the review with the snapshot which have all the info about the sensors.

  19. There is no information from the manufacture on glass protection technology used on this phone.

  20. Hi Manish

    I agree with the first point, but the display is 4.7 not 5 inch and also in our review battery backup was good enough.

  21. Hi Manish

    I agree with the first point, but the display is 4.7 not 5 inch and also in our review battery backup was good enough.

  22. Abhishek,
    i have watched your hands on review of Gionee E3 about a month ago and was waiting for its launch..
    I am new to android and want to know about GAMING
    If i can download heavy games (about 1GB+) on my PC and transfer to my mobile and then install it..
    I heard that this phone does not support some games from playstore, if the above way is possible, then can i instal the uncompatible games this way?

    Thank you..

  23. Using this phone for 4 days now,
    My experience-
    1)Outstanding Display.
    2) Good camera.
    3) Smooth performance.
    4) good clear sound but not very loud especially during the call.
    5)1800 maH is enough for the whole day with medium usage.

    and thanks abhishek for not answering my query. Apparently i am the only one he has not replied.

  24. You can try doing that – in our case we did not tried this earlier so cant comment whether its possible, do let us know if it works for you.

  25. You have said in youtube comment section that USB OTG does not work?
    Can you please clarify?

  26. It does work on the device after rooting, so it will work if you root the device.

    I apologize for this info, somehow the date review data of two phones got interchanged due to a fault in our system. Yes this phone Gionee e3 does not have OTG support.

  27. It does not by default, but if you root you can make OTG supported on the phone.

    I apologize for this info, somehow the date review data of two phones got interchanged due to a fault in our system. Yes this phone Gionee e3 does not have OTG support.

  28. Abhishek,
    I want to know when will you upload your in depth review as i am eagerly waiting for that..

    Thank you..

  29. what’s the free RAM size of the phone out of 1 gb?? it’s 500+ or less than 500??plz rply

  30. can pls specify correctly…… is it 4 or 5 ….. wat u mean by moderate usage…… battery life is specified in terms of contineus talking n testing na….. cn u pls say its stanby time also….. pls make it fast…..

  31. after an about an year ,if my goinee e3 gets any complaint will i be able to get good service????? will there b anything like ,,parts r unavailable or it cant b made k etc…..????
    i am realy impressd by its features…. pls let me know these facts too…..

  32. Though Micromax canvas HD and Gionee E3 has exactly same hardware why is that micromax plays GTA,NFS,Nova 3,Dark Knight and high end games why can’t Gionee.May be a Software issue??Also want to know what are the benefits after rooting Gionee…Thanks Abishek Keep posting!

  33. hey why dont u answer my qustions….?????
    pls tell me opinions abot its service n corect battery life…… if it gets any complaint wat shud i do….??? will i have to throw it away…or weathr company will replace it…… why r u nt answring my qustns……?????????? is its service n battery so baaad..???? pls pls answer honestly…

  34. Some of these games does not recognize E3 as verified device, after rooting one can easily spoof it but in future these problems should occur in future gionee phones.

  35. Hi Darshan

    Battery life is around 1 day with moderate usage like when you play games, watch videos or entertainment content on the phone, use it for calling and browse web as well.

    Gionee have service centers across india so in case there is a problem you can get it fixed at their near by service centers, the service center location info and phone number outlet comes in the package.

  36. Hi Abhishek after reading your review i bought this cell phone(White Colour)

    Pros: 1)phone is excellent,
    2)Display is Awesome one,
    3)sound quality is also nice,
    4)as you mentioned Battery can a pass a day with moderate usage..

    Cons: 1) i connected the cell with my sony mw-600 bluetooth headset it paired and worked fine but for just 1& half song then stopped playing, i again connected it to headset but result was same.. 🙁
    2) when browsing through a website it doesn’t show the video links on that sight the video link spot will be blank.. 🙁

    So Abhi bhai what could be the reason behind the above mentioned problems & please suggest/guide me in resolving that..
    Please help me in this regard sir..

  37. 1. for the first problem I suggest you to try some other headphones with it.

    2. the video links which are there on the website does not show up on other phones as well so that a wordpress plugin problem not the handset issue.

  38. how to root gionee e3 if we can do at home or we have to go outside some where to do that … after rooting it can play heavy games if u r sure about that

  39. you can google on the same, we dont post rooting tutorials here on this blog. Yes you can play some graphic intensive games after rooting which were previously not supported.

  40. hi Abishek i recently bought this phone. But I have some problems with the preloaded themes in gionee. the problem is that when i was loading a theme the lockscreen picture does not match with the theme. but after restarting the phone it becomes normal.

    So could you PLEASE ME!!!!!

  41. Hi I am Devansh From The Gadget Nerd.!

    I purchased Gionee E3 From Ebay and i want to root this phone so i can install apps like asphalt 7 .

    I am currently using an iphone and i am new to android . I know about jailbreaking but as i am new to this android platform . Can You Please Please Please Make a video on how to root this device and Install and play Games Like Asphalt 7

    Please .. Much Requested Video
    Please Reply

  42. hi thanx for the reviews it gr8 now i would like to buy 1 but from which stores in mumbai ?

  43. sorry, we dont make videos on rooting as if now – but just youtube it – you should find some guides from those who do.

  44. you can always change the lock screen picture, some themes do not even come up with a lock screen picture.

  45. i impressed of gionee e3 features..i would lyk to buy.. bt i. hav still confution abt batrry..

  46. Battery backup is good – it will last for one day usage in most of the cases with different types of users.

  47. please tell me which of these phones has best camera,

    Gionee Elife3, Dream D1, Canvas HD or Xolo Q800??

  48. Is any one having software suite for Gionee E3 Phone.

    I am not able to import contacts and not able to download access phone from my desktop.

    Pls. provide link and info on to use the same.


    ramnath bl

  49. Havent tested xolo q800 but for other phones – i would recommend you to read the full reviews of on our website to check the photo samples of these phones, you can compare as they are for same objects and environment.

  50. Both phones are good, you can read the full review and decide which one out of these suits your needs and price budget.

  51. Hey Abhishek… Thanks for the reply can u confirm is this phone have gyro sensor as well & after rooting this phone can we play those games which is not supported by google play?

  52. It does not have gyro sensor, but after rooting you can play others games which are not supported to be installed.

  53. hai abhishek….. hows is its music quality….???????ear phone sound ???

    does it drain the battery even if the data connection is jus kept on, but not browsing……?????

    if i take it at 8am with fully charged, n i keep using it like, 2 hours gaming,another 2 hrs browsing n another 1 hr talking ,n the rest on stsnby but data cnctn kept on..,will i b able to see it alive at about 6 pm…
    pls convey me ,,,becose this is my rutine usage….
    waitng for ur reply abhi bhai……

  54. hai abhishek… hw is its musc quality ..???i mean ear phones….

    if i take it at 8am with battery fully charged n i keep using it like 2 hours gaming, anothr 2hrs browsing , n another 1 hr calling n the rest of hrs on standby ,but data conction kept on,,,, will i b able to see it alive by 6 pm evng….. pls reply me ……

  55. Sound quality is good from the headphones and but from loudspeaker its not very loud but quite ok on volume.

  56. music quality is good and sound from the loudspeaker is also quite good with DTS support.

  57. Music quality is really good from the ear phones- yes with this kind of usage you should see it by 6pm evening but some graphic intensive games may consume more battery than expected as per our test.

  58. My Gionee E3 has rooted but, it is not support OTG.
    pls reply the proper procedure.


  59. You have support for russian language in keyboard but in phone language you have support for english only.

  60. Hi I just recently bought this phone in a america but its call blu life play it is the exact same phone just a different phone. But anyways my concern is can I get data connection because the phone can’t get on the internet unless there is wifi. So I need help figuring out how to fix my data connections. Please help and Thank you so much for your time.

  61. But you haven’t answered my question about my data connection problems. It says data connections are on but I can’t get on the internet without wifi. Please oscar that problem. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  62. But you haven’t answered my question about my data connection problems. It says data connections are on but I can’t get on the internet without wifi. Please oscar that problem. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  63. dr satish arora gionee e3 one sim is micro sim. what does it mean? e3’s camera results better than those of samsung quattros ?

  64. 1. it means that one of the slot accepts a microsim which can be made by cutting the normal size sim card.

    2. e3 camera is quite good in day light and low light as well, cant compare it with samsung quattros as we havent reviewed the same.

  65. we did not faced any issues on the unit of e3 we reviewed – you should probably get it checked.

  66. both are good – gionee e3 have smaller display but has pretty good form factor and light in weight, canvas hd has larger display, I would recommend gionee e3 in this case.

  67. Dear Abhishek, i m impressed with device.
    1. i would like to replace its 1800 mah battery with any other compatible battery having higher than 2000 mah. is it possible to get compatible battery and its accessories like back cover and case?
    2. could u pls suggest method of rooting this device to enable usb hosting

  68. the phone looks good….glad to hear that it doesn’t lag or hang in middle of running applications…..from where did you buy the phone or if ordered online, then from which web store?

  69. you can now buy from their store, we did not bought it was a review sent to us from the company.

  70. Dear friend,

    I heard and saw in some reviews that the front glass display is very fragile and delicate ..and in some cases have broken with little hard push/touch/pressure on it true that ,without any superior glass display phone is prone to breakage…is it worth to spend 14k on such phone/display that can easily break
    users please suggest..Thanks in advance.

  71. The unit we had tested is quite good, it has fallen 2 times during our review but nothing happened to the screen or the phone. The screen has dragon trail glass coating to be scratch resistant to some extent and its not very weak although if you apply extra pressure any glass would break.

  72. the default media player may not support this but you can install mx player and BsPlayer to play .mkv files on your android device.

  73. hey Abhishek-..why r u misguiding people,
    see u can not get usb on the go support by rooting the phone….
    u can get usb otg only when someone make a new kernel for it(with usb otg support)
    at this time u will not get “usb on the go” on it……
    nso “no USB OTG for this”

  74. yes, I agree – I apologize for this info, somehow the date review data of two phones got interchanged due to a fault in our system. Yes this phone Gionee e3 does not have OTG support.

  75. Hi. I’d like to know the SAR value of this phone Gionee elife E3 – EU and US standard

    thanks a lot


  76. I haven’t tried Gionee E3 but base on your blog and reviews, I believe its a great phone. Thanks for posting this. At least this gives me idea about the phone.

  77. Does this support Indian local languages (like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, etc..) ? If not then is it possible that in future updates such languages will be provided?

    How is this phone good for long term use say 2 years??

  78. Abhishek have you really reviewed this phone??? Your review review is totally misleading. You said that “e3 camera is quite good in day light and low light as well”. Did you tried to zoom the photos to even 2.5X on a desktop. I purchased this phone 2 weeks back. Let me tell you about the real camera quality of the phone. The 8MP shooter of this phone is very disappointing. Images are way to noisy. Still photography from rear camera is really horrendous. Even the photos taken by 3.2 MP camera of Samsung star s5233s ( a 5 year old java phone) were way better than this phone. Day light images taken by my previous Micromax A110 Canvas 2 phone were 10 times better than this phone. The images look good only on phone screen, you zoom the photo (very little) and there is unimaginable amount of noise. The camera shutter is way too fast (0 lag) and it doesn’t allow proper reflected light to reach its pathetic sensor. Still photography is bad, but videos shot from the rear camera are OK (decent). The front camera is much better than rear one and still photos taken by front cam are better than rear cam. So the final conclusion is :

    1- Really bad camera for day light photography. Even a 2mp camera is better than this. Really disappointed by this purchase
    2- A phone costing rs 15000 should have at least an average camera (like micromax A110 Canvas 2)
    3- Video output is decent
    4- Front cam (2mp) is decent and much better than 8mp back cam
    5- You can purchase this phone if you don’t give a damn about camera, but if even facebook posts equivalent photography is your concern then don’t buy this phone
    6- Battery backup is only 4 hours (gaming, frontline commando-D day) in power saving mode without sim, (no 3g, no wifi, nothing). So with medium activity it will last only 6-6.5 hours
    7- Don’t get taken away by this as well as other reviews boasting about gionee e3. You will be really disappointed with camera and battery backup

    I am returning/ reselling my phone

  79. Hmm, looks like there is some problem with your device, because as per the feedback we have got from e3 consumers like you, most of them are happy with tier device. You can check out the camera samples in this review as well which are taken – they are still decent if not too good.

    As far as zoom is concerned any photo will feel pixalated when you do zoom in it on pc even if it taken from a samsung galaxy note 3, yes I do agree there is noise in photos but its not that much to complian this much.

    We suggest you to please get your device checked if its too bad or upload some photo samples taken in day light, let us as well see the same.

  80. It does not support indian languages on the UI level, however you can type on the device using of these languages.

  81. Hi Abhishek,

    I am planning to buy this mobile. Do u consider this mobile a good buy compared to HTC Desire 600 which also has all the features i require. But yes HTC is far more costly. Also please confirm if this mobile supports skype calling or not?

  82. E3 is a good choice and decent performer phone, we have also got good number of the positive feedback for this phone. HTC Desire 600 is a also good, but it does not offer as good value for money as e3 does. You can do skype calling as well on this phone with both audio and video.

  83. Black color has matte finish – it looks classy and white is glossy finish but it looks premium in white color, you get same color flipcover in the package. The sound from the earphone is good but slightly less on BASS levels.

  84. Rooting Gionee E3 is damn easy. Please follow the instructions:

    Method 1 (without using PC)

    1. Download the latest version of Framaroot
    (Go here) —–>
    2. Install it & Open Framaroot and select the following action to perform.
    Select–>Install SuperSU
    3. In the rooting menu, Select “BOROMIR” from the dropdown
    list (exploit list) above and proceed further. Rooting will start you will be get the
    following message (Success- Superuser & su binary installed)
    4. Reboot your device. Now your device is rooted.

    Method 2 (Rooting with PC)

    1. Install the USB Drivers of Gionee from here
    (—-> ) OR here

    2. Download Motochopper and Extract the contents of the zip file. (Go here—->

    3. Enable USB Debugging mode ( you cam do this by Going to Settings >Developer options>USB Debugging)

    4.Connect your device to your PC via USB

    5. Navigate to the Motochopper directory (where you extracted the contents of and execute run.bat

    6. Approve the ADB connection from your PC to your device.


    7. Now you can flash CWM Recovery & custom ROMs like XPERIA HD, iNfinity HD V2, GAMERZ ROM etc.)
    8. Enjoy…….

  85. 5) Is there wifi-direct on this device?
    As i read in one page of the specifications that there is no wifi direct available for this device

  86. It is from decent to good. Similar quality in multiple shot mode as well as single shot mode. exactly similar. Fast camera. However you should consider the following before buying this phone:
    1- The vibration feedback in this phone is very low almost negligible. In silent mode you will lose track of any incoming call or sms if the phone is in your pocket. Even when the phone is on the table I fail to notice any vibration at 0.5 feet distance (half feet). Too bad. In an attempt to slim the phone to bones, the manufactureres/ designers sacrificed a good vibratory motor and decent speaker

    2- Ringtone volume, Call volume, Loud-Speaker volume are too low. Loudspeaker is of poor quality. You will barely notice your ringtone in your room when your TV will be on in normal volume if your phone is some distance away from you.
    3- Rest everything about this phone is very good

  87. HI Abhisekh

    Can u tell me Gionee is that a foreign company or indian company. E3 from the review it seems that the phone has good features also there are drawbacks given by few of them. so, are they true regarding loudness and vibration…??? As comparing to this phone i would be loking for more battery back up more than which E3 Has got i.e 1800 MAH. can u help me please at the earliest……

  88. Hi…….this phone is excellent!
    After long use, headphones got damaged and got some skullcandy earphones from the market.
    When these phones are plugged in some of the beats/voice was missing. But everything comes back if i press and hold the mic button on the headphones wire!
    Any clue which 3rd party earphones work with this phone?

  89. There was some issue with the phone software…..factory resseted my phone and did some tweaks with the camera settings…and now the image quality fine….I was overcritical with my review buddy…

  90. All skullcandy earphones & headphones are non-compatible with Gionee phones. Skullcandy earphones are non compatible with not only gionee but also with a lot of phone models from different manufacturers like micromax, samsung, sony etc. These are actually made to suit i-phone 3.5mm jack. So that’s a problem with skullcandy & not with your phone’s jack. Purchase any creative or JBL earphone/headphone as these are perfectly compatible with your phone. I personally use creative with this device. Avoid skullcandy

  91. Can we change battery for better backup?
    Though it does not support OTG, is there any another idea to use OTG on Gionee E3 ?


    Hello Bro…

    i have bought this phone which has android 4.2

    BUT I cannot play games like GTA,ASPHALY N MORE….How to solve the problem…..

    plz help urgent….

  93. Hi
    How can the camera shutter sound be put to off in geonne e 3while taking photos.plz answer.

  94. My Gionee Elife E3 headset is not working now .Which are the compatible earphones for the phone? Is JBL earphones compatible with this phone?

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