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Wickedleak Wammy Passion Z Quick Review, Price and Comparison

Wickedleak with the release of their brand new phone named as Wammy Passion Z is not in the news these days because of the simple reason, we have not seen any of the phones giving such a great combination of hardware features at such a minimal price. This the same reason due to which users started going mad for the Micromax A116 Canvas HD. Now let us talk about the hardware specifications in detail and then compare it with the latest phones trending in the market.



As I have mentioned in the new release of this smartphone that usually the phones on this price range will offer you the primary camera of 8MP which will have the common features like Auto-Focus, Face-Detection, Smile-Detection and operation in the burst mode. Now when talking about the camera in Wammy Passion Z then again it has got a 12 MP camera on the back panel and I am only emphasizing on the numbers, I am also talking about the actual clarity of the camera which is again supported by the BSI sensor.

This camera quality is better than Micromax A116 HD and the Zen Ultrafone 701 HD but nothing has been done better when it comes to the secondary camera of this phone.

Processor and Battery

The processor used on this phone is manufactured by Mediatek and the exact model is MT6589 (something which we have also seen in Micromax Canvas A116 HD). This has been built on the architecture of Cortex A-7 which is now obsolete but then you have Quad Cores in this processor which is adequate enough to provide you with the decent operation of Android on your smartphone.

The battery strength is 2500 mAh which is better in comparison with Micromax A116 HD but again the quality of display Wammy Passion Z has, it will obviously take lots of battery to keep your screen on for longer duration of time and that is the reason I feel that you will not see much difference in the talk-time and standby time of both the devices.

Display Size and Type

The size of the display is 5 Inches and you will have Full HD display on this phone, something which we have not seen on any of the phones in the market at this price range (Not even in Zen Ultrafone 701HD or Micromax A116 Canvas HD). The resolution of the display is 1920 x 1080 pixels and so you know this means 443 PPI for pixel density which is again Ultra clear display for your eyes.

Not only this but usually when the other phones prefer to use Corning Gorilla Glass coating on their screens this one leaps ahead and uses Dragon Trail Glass which is the most hardest glass ever made by Asahi and obviously much better than Corning Gorilla Glass (Please see that I am not referring to the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and 3 but still 2nd version of Gorilla Glass equals the Asahi Dragon Trail Glass where its 3rd version takes the lead.)

Specifications Parameters Values
Processor Mediatek MTK6589 Quad Core at 1.2 GHz
ROM 4 GB + (64GB Maximum)
Camera 12MP/2MP
Android Version Android v4.2.2 Jellybean
3G Yes
WiFi Yes
Battery 2500mAh
Display Size and Type 5-Inch Full HD Display


In all the configuration offered by this phone is pretty good but our readers are having a doubt that whether they should try this new brand or not and I cannot actually comment about anything regarding this and that’s your dice to play. So, in the end as of now this phone is unbeatable at the price of 14,999 INR.

18 thoughts on “Wickedleak Wammy Passion Z Quick Review, Price and Comparison”

  1. Hello Abhinav,
    Just read ur reviews about Wammy Passion Z. The specifications sound really mind blowing at the given rates. R u absolutely sure that they use Dragon Trail Glass for their display ?

  2. Yes!! Sagar I am pretty sure that the Wammy Passion z uses Asahi Dragon Trail Glass for their display!! 🙂

  3. Price is too high boss. When you get UMI x2 youth edition, i ocean etc for 12 to 14000 with 8 GB and above why to go with this company which people still doesn’t know. Better opt for UMi x2 with 32 GB , 13 MP cam and 2 gb RAM for 16000 Rs.

  4. I agree with you but then, you have already seen that as of now it might Umi little more time to establish their retailing chain with full stability.
    On the other hand Wickedleak is an Indian Firm. 🙂

  5. Does this phone support the use of power bank for charging it while on the go ? Also through which retail outlets is this phone available ?

  6. I got this phone last week, my over all experience is bad. phone volume is very very worst. camera quality is very bad. worthless phone. per day 4 to 5 times i used to reboot this wammy passion z.i wasted my money. now i planned to buy another phone. my 15500 is good things in this phone.dudes think twise before buy this phone.

  7. Not worth at this price, lot of issues.

    1. LED indicator turns off after 90% charging,
    2. LED indicator turns off if removed while charging and connected again for charging.
    3. LED indicator does not work (glow) for Missed Call Alert, SMS alert and other alerts.
    4. Camera images are blurr
    5. During capturing image, if object is moved, picture is totally blur.
    6. LED Flash and Shutter speed does not match, though flash is used during image capturing, Picture appears very light (without light)
    7. Auto Capture for Smile detection does not capture image.
    8. Auto Focus does not work.
    9. Image quality is very bad, can’t say it is 12 MP Camera, black dots are clearly visible when picture is zoomed.
    10. Writing or reading on SD Card is very slow, It is not reading properly, it skips some parts. (I am using 16 GB card only)
    11. GPS does not get set.

  8. its really good ur taking the time out to reply to evry1 unlike many bloggers

    iv heard sm bad reviews about passion Z
    the camera being far from 8 MP even

    how is UMI x2

    my budget is 15’000

    i want

    – excellent have u noticed sonys 5MP tends to b better than many 8MP that i wd love 8MP..but 8+ would be great..and both camera should rock

    – DURABILITY .. i tend to drop it alot

    – good design…silver color if availbe..not imp though

    – smooth evryhitng..I dont care if it works should be b able to work even the highest f games etc..

    – service etc trustworjthy…wikileaks isnt that

    s what r the alternatives

    how r Iball..spice…auxus..etc.which have so large MP front cameras evn and at less rate

  9. DUDE were you able to get help from company as it has 12 months of warranty.. do you think it is design fault or your device is faulty.

  10. DUDE were you able to get help from company as it has 12 months of warranty.. do you think it is design fault or your device is faulty.

  11. Wammy Passion Z or Iocean X7 are good in built quality and performance as compared to UMi x2

  12. hello Abhinav,
    I am planning to by android smartphone in around 15 k price range
    I was not interested in Indian mobile company but latest development from Indian players in budget smartphones has changed my mind

    Selection of one smartphone from so many brands is very hard task, after week long research 2 smartphones come above crawded group of smartphones

    1. spice stellar pinnacle pro mi 535
    2. lava iris 504q

    I am itching to buy spice pro 535 but just have one concern, screen resolution and pixle density are lower then most mid range smartphones. does it make big difference or I can live with it?

    please reply

    Others who wants to buy smartphones in around 15 k, I recommend you to buy from below mentioned list
    1 spice stellar pinnacle pro mi 535
    2 lava iris 504q
    3 karbonn titanium s5
    4 micromax canvas hd a116
    5 Zen ultra fone 701 HD
    6 xolo T1000
    7 wickedleak wammy passion z

  13. The pixel density is good enough on spice pinnacle pro mi 535 it is lesser than lava 504q but it will not make much difference in daily usage.

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