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Lenovo Launched A390, A706, S820, P780, S920 and K900 Starting From Rs 8,689

Just now we talked about the Lenovo K900 which has been launched just now and along with that we have 5 more phones launched by Lenovo with different specification combo. Now, in this post we will not discussing about the details of them as we will cover them separately in the Quick Review section but here we will talk about the important specifications like processor, RAM memory and the display size.

Starting off with the A390 which is the cheapest of all the phones revealed today will have the screen size of 4 Inches with WVGA display and 1GHz Mediatek Dual Core Processor which is also supported by 512 MB of RAM. This phone has been priced at the value of 8,689 INR and it will operate on Ice Cream Sandwich with the Dual SIM support.


Then we have A706 which comes next in the increasing price order phones launched today by Lenovo. This phone will have the screen size of 4.5 inches with the FWVGA resolution. It will have much better processor as compared to the phone mentioned above which is Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core Processor which has been clocked at 1.2GHz further supported by 1GB RAM. With the Dual SIM support it will be operate on Jelly Bean and price at the value of 15,949 INR.


S820 is priced at the price of 19,599 INR and this is much similar in terms of performance when compared with the previous phone, rather it advances itself in terms of display clarity and size. This has the display size of 4.7 Inches with the resolution of 720p. The processor used is Quad Core Mediatek clocked at the frequency of 1.2 GHz and the RAM is the same as we have mentioned above in case of A706 with the Dual SIM support and Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).


Now P780 uses better camera and even bigger screen than all the phones mentioned above, here the screen size if of 5 Inches with the resolution of 720p. The processor used in this case of Mediatek but it is a Quad Core Processor clocked at 1.2GHz which is none other than MT6589. The primary camera used in this case is 8MP and with the Dual SIM support and Jelly Bean it has been priced at the value of 22,529.


S920 also follows the same pattern and the display size goes up to 5.3 inches with the same resolution of 720p. The processor is the same which is MTK6589 and the RAM is also 1GB, not only this it also carries the 8MP camera with itself. So, basically the screen size is bigger and thus the same will happen in case of battery too and you can get this at the price of 26,399 INR.


You can see that with the increment in the price of the phone the screen size is definitely increasing and basically with such a huge versatile option in terms of display which is also accompanied by the nice performing hardware parameters, Lenovo has taken a big step in competing with the other established brands in the Indian Smartphone market.


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