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Zopo 980 MT6589 1.2Ghz VS Zopo 980 MT6589T 1.5 Ghz Benchmark Comparison Review

We got exclusive chance to check out the new MediaTek 6589T chipset on a Zopo 980, we had two Zopo 980 one with MT6589 1.2 Ghz Quad core and other one with MediaTek MT6589T (Turbo) version. We tested both of these devices with different benchmark utilities like Quadrant Standard, Antutu and Nenamark 2. The result we got as the benchmark scores showed us the difference in between these two same model numbers running on two different chipset versions.


The major difference in between a MediaTek MT6589 and MT6589T is the max frequency at which the quad core processor is clocked and max frequency at which the same PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU can run.

1. MT6589T CPU can be clocked up to 1.5GHz where as the standard MT6589 can only go to 1.2GHz.

2. The GPU on the standard MT6589 runs at 286Mhz where as the GPU on the MT6589T runs faster at 357Mhz.

Below are benchmark scores for Zopo 980 with MT6589 and MT6589T.

Please Note: The device which is white in color have MT6589T chipset on board.

Quadrant Standard Scores


Antutu Benchmark Scores


Nenamark 2 Scores


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Conclusion on MT6589 VS MT6589T

To finally conclude this comparison on these two devices running on MT6589 and MT6589T we would like to say that that we do notice a considerable difference in benchmark figures but again when it comes to using apps and all other simple smartphone task you may not notice much difference in between these two devices. When it comes to graphic intensive task like gaming we noticed little bit lesser lag while playing the same game on both of these devices but again that too did not happen with all the games, so unless you do some thing very resource hungry you wont notice the difference in between these two devices. Do let us know your views on this through the comment section below.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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