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MTS ‘Best Value’ Plan to Offer Unlimited MTS to MTS and 100 Local Minutes to any Other Network

Since the reduction in the prices of 2G by Vodafone on their 2G cellular data packs it seems that others have also tighten their belts and now they are pulling themselves up with the other in this stiff competition. MTS is one of the cellular subscribers which is not popular very much in India but then they have released a plan which will strongly attract all the users who love to spend their large amount of time in the day while talking on phones.


They have named this plan as the ‘Best Value’ Plan which is available for the pre-paid subscriber of this phone as they will have to get their phone recharged with the value of 199 and which will give them the talk-time of 1000 local minutes on any other service provider and MTS to MTS call will be free (no sure whether STD calls will be included or not.

Now all the deductions done by Vodafone and other service providers to the 2G pack have been done in other parts of the country excluding New Delhi but this scheme luckily includes the Delhi users also. Moreover MTS has taken the spectrum band from Tata Telecom group and now in order to be positive in their revenue from this service they have taken up this step and it seems that more of these are yet to come in New Delhi.


Abhinav Singh

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