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LED Lamp Which can be Charged from your Palms

Few days back we talked about a discovery made by Eesha Khare who was successful in creating a prototype for the super capacitor which could revolutionize this smartphones market by charging them in less than 30 seconds. These types of ideas are really important for us specially now when we are highly dependent on our smart gadgets. We have something similar today in terms of invention but not related to this field of expertise.


Ann Makosinki, from Canada somehow managed to create an LED Lamp which could be charged from the heat energy released from your palms while holding. This depends on the logic that the heat energy released from our palms can be used to generate the electricity up to the mark of 57 mW. I know this is something really less and cannot be thought of being put to any use, but actually a small LED can be lit up by 0.5 mW.

So, by using the Peltier tiles (which are capable of generating the temperature difference on both of its surface and thus transducing the heat energy into electric energy). So, she created the circuit on this basis and then on her prototype model she was able to light up the lamp but with intensity of low. As per her it just the demonstration of the idea and once produced with adequate and selected usage of the resources then the intensity will be definitely be increased.

On the other hand, removal in the usage of batteries in such lamps will be quite good when look at the environmental perspective and cheap also. Only the heat being released from your palms will be enough to light few of the LEDs on your Lamp and thus making it a highly viable LED device.This invention has been submitted for the Google Science Fair and the final results of that event will be announced in September 2013.


Abhinav Singh

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