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iOcean X7 Turbo/Youth Plus Quick Review, Price And Comparison

As we said in the post covering the launch of the iOcean X7 Turbo and Youth devices , these device share a lot in common with Wickedleak’s Wammy Passion Z Plus. Worth noting is the fact that the Wammy Passion Z Plus and the iOcean X7 Turbo/Youth Plus devices have been launched for pre-order on the very same day!


iOcean phones cost quite a bit lesser than the Wickledleak counterparts, however. The iOcean X7 Youth Turbo sells for 12,500 INR, while the Youth Plus version costs 15,999 INR and comes with hardware which is much more advanced.

Camera And Internal Storage

Youth Turbo: Being the more inexpensive phone out of the two, the phone comes with an 8MP rear camera which is software interpolated to 12MP. You can expect the camera to perform as well or a little better than 8MP camera units we are used to seeing on phones from domestic manufacturers. The phone features a 2MP front camera should be good enough for video calls and the occasional self portrait.

The device features 1GB of RAM which is quite a good amount and should prove to be plentiful for average to advanced users. As far as ROM on this device is concerned, the device comes with a paltry 4GB of ROM, which can be expanded using microSD cards.

Youth Plus: This iteration of the iOcean phones packs a 12MP rear shooter, which is interpolated to 13MP using software. We expect this camera to produce pictures far better than the one on the Youth Turbo edition, and a few initial users have confirmed this as well.

The Youth Plus edition of this phone does better on the memory front. The phone features the same 1GB of RAM like the Youth Turbo, but packs 16GB of ROM which should come as a relief to many who have suffered due to the low ROM availability on Mediatek phones.

Processor And Battery

Both the above mentioned devices come with the powerful MT6589T processor from Mediatek. As most of our readers are already aware, the MT6589T is the updated version of the very popular MT6589 quad core processor. The clock frequency is updated to 1.5GHz per core, which has made the processor one among the most powerful in the market, and it’s low cost has ensured that the chipsets be used in almost all low cost devices, worldwide.

The phones pack a rather mediocre 2000mAh battery, which will be tested to its extreme by users. The device is expected to barely manage one full day of Xrun time, however, battery life is not something the phone advertises itself with.

Display And Features

This is where the phone would seem much better than ever (especially when talking about this quick review). The phone features a 5 inch Full HD display, and at 12,500 INR (X7 Youth Turbo) is probably the cheapest Full HD enabled phone in the country. The super-high resolution means that the phone will have an extremely high PPI of 441, which would make spotting pixels virtually impossible, especially with the naked eye.

It must be said at the price tag the phone comes with, it definitely makes the phone look very interesting. iOcean have done a commendable job to include most modern technology, all packed in a nice looking form factor, all this while keeping costs low.


The phone, as we mentioned right at the start, can be directly compared to Wickedleak’s Wammy Passion Z Plus. We would choose the iOcean X7 Youth Turbo over the Wammy Passion Z Plus because it costs almost 3,500 INR lesser, and probably, comes from the same OEM (we’re not sure about this yet, though). Other comparable phones are – Wammy Passion Z and iOcean X7 from the same manufacturer.

Key Specs

Model iOcean X7 Youth Turbo/Youth Plus
Display 5 inches Full HD 1080p
Processor 1.5 GHz quad core
RAM, ROM 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM (Youth Turbo), 16GB ROM (Youth Plus)
OS Android v4.2.1
Cameras Youth Turbo: 8MP (12MP interpolated) rear, 2MP front
Youth Plus: 12MP (13MP interpolated) rear, 5MP front
Battery 2000mAh
Price 12,500 INR (Youth Turbo), 15,999 INR(Youth Plus)


The iOcean X7 Youth Turbo and the Youth Plus devices look super interesting. Considering the price point at which the phones are available, we can already foresee the phones doing well in the market. It would now depend on how well the phone in marketed in the country, and how well supply is maintained; good service would add to the value of this feature rich phone from iOcean.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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