Update (26/9/2013): Gionee Elife E6 Best Price india

We got a chance to visit the Gionee facility in Shenzhen, china and there I saw how Gionee phones get manufactured, we were surprised to the see the stringent process in place to make Gionee phones. Gionee being a Chinese mobile phone company has still need to create a more detailed clear image in front of indian consumers but this visit helped us a lot to know more about Gionee and manufacturing. For all those who have any doubt on how the Gionee phones like Elife e5 and E6 getting made.


Gionee Elife E6 Making

It done by automatic machines on which the selected PCB goes in a batch of 3 and then come out from each machine which is responsible for putting all the components on the phone PCB board. These machines put the components like SIM card slot, the GSM antenna and other things like microSD card slot etc and the PCB goes through 10-12 machines like this through a small conveyer belt with some human intervention who make sure that everything goes in the right way. Once the PCB are ready they are sent to the next stages which involves assembly of phone which is done by humans and there are several quality checks which happen at every stage before sending the phone partial assembly to next stage. In detail you can get to know more once you watch the video below.

Gionee Elife E6 Hands on First Impressions or Initial Review

Display and Build Quality

Gionee Elife E6 comes with 5 Inch IPS LCD OGS technology display with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels gives you quite high pixel density, it is good enough that you wont notice the pixilation with naked eyes. The color reproduction on the display screen is much better and comparable to the most of the high end popular smartphones like iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 etc. The design of the phone is unibody, you cannot remove the battery out the device its sealed inside the device body and it terms of design it does look like being inspired from the iPhone 5 and some other phones but does create a unique image of its own once you see it and hold the device in your hands.


Hardware Specs

As the unit we were given was a pre production unit so we could run the benchmarks on the same, but as per our views on the device responsiveness and usage it was pretty smooth in UI transitions and good to handle multitasking interface, it has a own UI called NAVI which again is quite intuitive in providing a great user experience once you get used to it. The device has 1.5 GHz quad-core processor from Mediatek and 2 Gb of RAM which does give the device a boost and it has MT6589 turbo chipset which means a faster GPU and faster CPU as well on the device and we will let you know more once we do a full review of the device.



Elife E6 has 13-megapixel camera with an LED flash and Auto Focus feature on the rear back side and a 5-megapixel camera fixed focus on the front display and both of these camera are capable of shooting videos in HD. We tested the camera on the device and results were amazing as the quality of he photos in day light was great and it was pretty good in artificial light and the camera module was not final so it should get better in the final unit which will come to india. The front camera video output was good and we will let you know more once we do the full review.


OS and Battery

Elife E6 runs on the AMIGO ROM which is built on top of android 4.2 and as per Gionee there are many better features which got implemented in E6 like deep level battery optimization and faster shutter speeds while capturing photos. The sealed battery on the device is 2,020mAh which should sufficient to power it one day although you might get more than one day of battery backup on this device with moderate usage if the battery optimizations work the way they should on this device and they are part of the phone feature so you don’t have to install an extra software to conserve the battery.


Initial Conclusion, Price and Availability

We cant say much about the device as if now but the device looks promising and it should live it upto its expectations, we also did a hands on review of the device in case you want to know more details about the device you watch the quick hands on video shown below. The device is expected to hit the indian market in mid week of august with a price range of around 22 to 26k indian rupees, still if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below.

Gionee Elife E6 Hands on Review, Features, Storage, Camera and Hardware Overview


  1. Hi Abhishek,
    Nice information. Is it really going to launch in August? I heard some rumors that it won’t be launched before end of August or even early September. Any confirmed release date?

    • Touch screen is as responsive as you may see in any other high end android phone as well but default interface may get laggy.

  2. thanx for the response. Also would like to know if e6 supports lte and whats the frequency(specially since ril jio has won spectrum and planning to launch in 2.3 GHz)

  3. heLLo abHishEK..
    WHen iS D ExaCT iNDIa dAtE RELEase..
    of giOneE ELifE E6..
    n iS It OnLy aVAIlABlE OnLinE.?
    If u NoE WHicH STORes are haViNg DIZ PiECes of GiONEE..
    DO lET me Noe..
    wID Der adREss iF pOSSiBLE..
    THnx alOT.! 🙂

    • its going to come by august end or september 1st week – next time please write the comment normally not like this.

  4. HI…This is ankit…..!!!!
    I am considering to buy gionee elife e3…….it really looks a gr8 package…..can u tell me is it really good to buy rather than going for grand quattro and canvas 4???

  5. Hey Abhishek,
    Need Your help
    I am a student and budget is a concern whe buying a phone
    i have massively searched and i am confused between the nexus 4,Galaxy s3,Canvas 4,Canvas HD too.
    Just on surfing i saw the gionee Elife E6.
    Firstly is it a windows phone or an Android??
    Secondly would U Please tell about the Manufacturer??
    And Thirdly Please tell your Frank opinion about this phone as I have to use it for more than 2 years

    • Its an android phone, its from Gionee which is a chinese manufacturer. The phone is good we have tested the pre production unit, its good in design and has good display and hardware specs as well.

  6. Hi Abhishek thanks for the review on E6.
    The phone has 32 GB inbuilt memory; but 1.6 GB allocated for apps; so can i install games with size > 2GB, i mean does the phone allow to install apps on memory allocated for multimedia files?

    Thanks again.

    • 1.6 Gb is used by the preinatlled apps, yes you can install games greater than 2Gb on phone memory without any problem.

  7. Hi Mr Abhishek.. even me too eagerly awaiting for E6. just got two questions for u
    1. Wen is E6 goin to launch in India.. its the end of agust already
    2. Wat abt amigo UI?? Is it going to come to India.. is it the making the phone laggy compared to vanilla android..

    Thanks in advance

    • 1. E6 launch is delayed, it should land here very soon with in 1-2 week.

      2. Yes Amigo UI will come preloaded on this device, its not slow as per the intial expressions of E6 but may not be that snappy like vanilla android experience.

      • Thanks abishek..by the way i have a nokia 808 pureview and i love the camera in it but as u know the software is nothing compared to android.. Do u feel if its worth trading my Pureview for Elife E6. U already mentioned E6 has an amazing camera. Wats ur opinion abishek..
        Thanks in advance

        • I would say keep pureview this is probably the best camera device I have seen till now. Elife e6 is good but don’t sell ur pureview for the same. #suggestion

          • Thanks abishek that was a wonderful suggestion. I really appreciate ur quick replies to every queries

  8. Hi Abhishesk,

    The battery on e6 is mere 2020 mah which is very less for a full HD device,Do u think it will last for a day for an average user??

    • It should last for full day as we see other 5 inch Full HD devices which has around 2000 mAh battery and we will let you know once we do the full review of this phone.

  9. Hie… abhishek
    How to change language in Gionee elife e6.. its there in chinese.. and i want in english plz give me procedure to change the language in english …

    Thanks in Advance 🙂
    Hope u will solve my problem soon…

  10. Hai Mr.Abishek. I am planning buy a budget smart phone around 22K. while surfing I came across lumia 720, 820, Samsung galaxy grand, gionee e6. which phone you would prefer personally? Both Samsung and Nokia have their own standards and they are the top selling phone in india. I am terribly confused. should I go to standard companies (nokia and samsung) or gionee e6? please help me… Thanks in advance.. 🙂

    • For Android Phones
      Gionee E6 will give you better experience and performance but grand from samsung will be lower performer but you will get better after sales support in case of samsung phone.

      For Windows Phones
      Nokia lumia 720 is a better choice than old 820 and if you are ok using the windows phone platform then its a great phone has a very good camera and everything else is good like build quality and durability.

  11. hi,
    I am vineel and i am planning to buy an android mobile for around 20-25k.I have seen huawei mate,lenovo k900 and gionee e6…which would be better according to you and will a battery of around 2000 mah be sufficient for a full hd 5-inch phone?

  12. Hi Abhishek I am planning to buy smartphone between gionee e6 and lenovo vibe x I confused which phone will give best performance and good camera quality and better battery performance so please suggest me which should I buy among this smartphone

    • gionee e6 we have seen its a nice one nice build quality and good camera as well, but we havent got our hands on lenovo vibe x which seems to be good on the hardware front – so once these devices are launched in india we will let you know our feedback.

  13. hi abhishek,

    i am waiting since last two months to buy either Gionee Elife E6 or Huawei Ascend P6. Launch of both phones is waiting delayed again & again. Do you have any exact/confirmed date for both?

    Also, what is the expected launch price of E6?

    I just read somewhere that Maniac Store is offering E6 for pre-orders for Rs. 21,000 and will start shipping from 26-September. I have visited Maniac Store online portal. It is indeed offering this phone. Should I order from there or wait for the official launch? Will the official price be more than this?


    • i know the date of the launch of e6 but cant tell you now, but you if you wait for some more few days, you will see both of these devices in india available – dont go by the prices and listing as no one knows it as if now when its coming to india.

  14. Hi abhishek just heard that maniacstore is offering elife e6 for 21k and the website says it’s shipping on September 26th.. Does it mean elife e6 is releasing on that day. Any concrete news on the e6 release date sir???

    • As per the information we have, there is no pricing being announced for E6 – I would suggest you to wait for official announcement and ignore listing, price and date as well. No one has the correct info about the date of launch thats all I can say now.

  15. hi abhishek,

    thanks for the review, can you please inform if this device has FM Radio, USB OTG, TF card slot and Gorilla glass, thanks in advance

    • We are yet to review the device, however it has Tf card slot and protection as Damage-Resistant Dragontrail™ Glass but not gorilla glass. For other features we will keep you posted.

  16. Spoke to Gionee Customer Care yesterday & its confirmed that E6 will be launched by this weekend say 21st or 22nd and it will be immediately available through Gionee’s own online store – http://mkart.co.in

    So, guys don’t rush for maniacstore. Better wait till weekend as it will be available on Gionee Store first & then slowly it will reach other online stores & retailers.
    Also, the price is confirmed to be around 22k.

  17. Sir
    As mr deepak said is gionee elife e6 is launching on 21or 22 september sir iam regularly reading ur blog here but now got bored of waiting kindly sir can you please give the exact date of its launching as you said you know the date of launching in early comment.
    Thank you in advanse.

  18. Again some more delay……
    Spoke to Gionee Customer Care yesterday & now its been told that E6 is further delayed for a few more days & probably now it will be launched by 26 of this month.
    This way more and more people are loosing the interest in Gionee and diverting to some other options.
    Disaster for Gionee…..

  19. Good day.. It was a huge disappointment when I realised the e6 isn’t a dual sim phone. Please would you recommend a dual sim phone that is just as good.

    • There are many, please let us know your requirements and then we can suggest a phone to you and also mention your price budget.

  20. Hi abhishek having waited for e6 for so long..now LG G2 is going to be launched..am interested in that too.. pls tell me which is a value for money phone abhishek..

    • Lg g2 is going to be costly and much costly than e6, I havent seen G2 yet but should see it soon but e6 i have seen and its nice phone with great design and good build quality, more I can comment once i get it for review.

  21. Good afternoon sir ,
    Now is it confirmed or not confirmed that e6 is launching on 3rd oct 2013 . Sir is it promising to wait for it

  22. Hi Abhishek, The in-depth review was quite informative. At what price point is is likely to be sold in India? Do you think more than 20k is value for money preposition for elife e6? Who do you think are the other competitors with comparable specifications (with full HD and 2 GB ram etc) at this price point?

    • It is expected to come in india at a price of around 20-21k, build quality and design of the phone is pretty good and hardware config is also quite nice more i can say only once i get the review unit of the same.

  23. @Abhishek

    I am waiting for the review.Request you to kindly give more details of the battery life as you always mention a general statement in your review that it will last for a day.Kindly provide more details of battery life in review

  24. Hi Abheshek,

    Would like to know the following info regarding E6:

    1)How does it fares in basic features like call clarity,signal strength etc.

    2)Is there a problem of excessive overheating while gaming as compared to other smartphones in this category.

    3)how would you rate the chipset used in E6 wrt snapdragon chipsets used in other smartphones.Has gionee able to negate the inherent drawbacks and optimise it in E6.

    Would be happy to hear from you on these points.

    • Its Abhishek not Abheshek

      1. I dont have any idea about the call clarity and signal strength but will let you once i get the device for review.

      2. Will let you know more on the heating front during full review.

      3. as per my info the new e6 does have a battery optimiser app which will save good amount of power.

  25. Good day Mr Abhishek.
    Firstly I will like to commend your Enthusiasm and regards for techonolgy, of all the review sites I have visited all my years in tech-quest, you have one of the best i’v seen. I hope and wish you continue With the Splendid job. May God continue to be with you.

    My questions are: for E6

    1: is it. True that the battery will be a lithium-polymer. (If so, then I think definately it should be on A much better rate even compared with the S3 2100 mah li-ion. For those disturbed about the battery) but a real time review will be better to conclude.

    2: and also I will like to know if the E6 will come with a flip casing like the one packed with the E5.

    3: lastly. does it support Usb OTG and Will it be possible to upgrade to android 4.3 aka kitkat when it is available?

    * A pass On*
    if you happen to visit or get in contact with Gionee again, can help send our gratifications.
    They really have done a great job with the Elife series especially this E6 and it seems to me that they have the best strategic phone manufacturing plan amongst there range but when some key aspects of a top end smart phone is missing its just like another marketing game, so my thinking is that if @ all they have another phone coming up they should try and consider
    A 4G/LTE , NFC, and most importantly the battery should be damn good and unrestrict the memory.
    Cos for a. High end phone, memory is everything.
    Take a look. @ the moto X from google even thou it has much flaws compared to E6 but its pretty much a lot up to standard.
    So if all that is adressed then the price should not be anything on the increase also. They say they are trying to be aFfordable and co. So it should be possible. I hope am speaking sense, thanx for your understanding.

    • 1. yes it will have a lithium polymer ion battery and we will let you know more about battery backup with some real time test.

      2. E6 will not come with a flip cover but again I am not sure, as I have not seen all the box contents.

      3. it will not have OTG and this info is almost confirmed, will let you know if it gets the 4.3 update.

  26. Hi abhishek

    You are doing a great job.I bought a gionee e5 for my wife as she uses single sum and prefers slim phone.however e5 did not have led notification. I want to Change my phone from canvas to 2 gb ram and full hd. And 1.5 ghz qdcore.I use dual sim. Confused between e6 and smartnamo saffron 1 . Saffron 1 has advantage of dual sim 3150 mah battery and led notification.e6 is behind in this area but otherwise will be better than saffron 1.both priced almost same. Can u please advise me which to choose.

    • Wait for some more days, we will let you know more about both of these device and E6 is coming n 3rd october so you can ask any question on from us after that day.

    • Huawei is coming up with p6 seems good on specs front, we will be posting full review soon. Lenovo K900 will come with MicroSD expansion slot soon it also has 2Gb ram.

  27. hey abhishek is the performance better than xolo q100s & micromax canvas 4. All three have the same processors. Want to know which of the three (or any other) smartphones in the price segment of 17k – 22k would be the best.

    • Canvas 4 does have MediaTek 6589 but its not Turbo like Q1000s and E6 – however all these phones are good but our recommendation is E6 but it does not have a memory card slot and non removable but overall better than canvas 4 in performance in day to day usage, and we havent tested the Xolo Q1000s so cant comment abou the same.

  28. Hi Abhishek,

    I just was browsing and today only found Gionee Elife, E6.

    Just wanted to know as the battery cannot be replaced, so when the bettery life is over, we can simply throw this phone?



    • Battery is not removable but that does not mean you cannot get it replaced from the service center in case battery is entirely dead.

  29. @Abhishek..

    1. I dint find any retailer of gionee in mumbai…i think they dont retail in mumbai…Their site mentions a service centre in mumbai..wonder if it is there….anyways do u have any idea about their after sales service

    2.Have you received the indian review piece for E6//m eagerly waiting for the review of indian version..still emphasizing…kindly review the battery life in detail…Thanks

  30. hey abhishek, does e6 have a notification panel like vanilla android??…….d panel which we see whn we swipe from top to bottom of an android phn??….does e6 hav it??

  31. Hi Abhishek,

    I am not a technology person. Need your advice on the following:
    1. Can I opt this as a good business phone for memos, notes, events’ calendars, schedulers, reminders …etc
    2. Does it support predictive text typing
    3. I have been using Blackberry and HTC Desire XC (for CDMA support, now switching to GSM provider.), How do you compare the User interface, Camera performance and audio quality of E6 with HTC Desire XC
    4. My requirement is a ‘decent looking’ good business smartphone with a high quality camera and audio… I am not interested in gaming and all… Though there are many useful features, higher end sets like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and all will not be worth spending for my requirements. So, is it worth buying E6, if not which one do you suggest?
    5. Is it possible to get USB OTG support in E6
    6. I this brand reliable in terms of performance and service support?


    • 1. You can use this phone for business with all these things u mentioned are supported either with native and sometimes better with third party apps.
      2. It does not as if now, but in future android updates it might.
      3. Its totally different in terms of UI design, but its pretty good, we are sure you will like it in some time.
      4. It terms of looks this is great device with great looks and good build quality.
      5. No OTG is not supported.
      6. Yes they are good in support as per the existing feedback we have from customers who have bought their devices.

      • Thanks Abhishek.

        Can you give some light on Camera and sound quality,
        Desire XC: stills are good – what abt E6
        Desire XC: Beats Audio is excellent – what abt E6
        Desire XC: Not much happy with ringer/alert volume – what abt E6
        What will be the effect of a non-removable battery… what life do you expect for the battery under normal usage

        Thanks again…

        • E6 stills are good in day light and in low light as well they are decent.
          E6 audio is not that great, loudspeaker has low output volume.
          E6 Ringer and alert is good enough as per us in terms of loudness.
          There is no problem we see in the first 7-8 months and but with time the battery will degrade and then you need to replace it for which you will need to visit the service center. it will still give you around 1.5 – 2 years of usage without any issues.

  32. Hi Abhishek,
    After reading lot of review I am about to finalize Elife E6 as my final mobile which will be @ 18K for me.
    Before putting order I want your opinion on following
    My budget is normal budget is 15K but can be stretched to 20K if its worth.
    I find best choice for me is Oppo Find 5 but it is out of budget and not available in india yet.
    My requirement is 5 inch screen with good display quality, good camera and good sound quality.
    I am not gamer.
    Kindly suggest if any good alternative is there.
    I am also concerned about Elife E6 about no OTG Support, Is is possible to have this issue resolved by Gionee in near future.

  33. Is there any way to enable usb otg on e6 bcoz micromax canvas 4 has almost same hardware specs and it does support otg.


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