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LG G2 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and 13 MP Camera

LG has come up with their flagship device named as LG G2, the have gotten away with their Optimus series and that is the reason you cannot see Optimus in the name of the phone. The specs of the phones are really good and especially the Snapdragon 800 processor which is being awaited in India. As of now the international launch of this phone has happened but it is yet to come to India. LG G2 apart from the hardware features also come with the new software features which we have seen in the Samsung Galaxy S4 (not all of them but most of them).


There are also few changes in the design, for example now you will have a volume rocker, power button and lock button at the back panel of the phone, just below the rear camera. Now this can be considered as the good option keeping in mind that now all the buttons will be accessible within one palm only but then these buttons will be more prone to scratches, wear and tear as they will be little bit bulge out of the back of the phone.

The processor is really good which Snapdragon 800 something which is really awaited in India and we suppose this phone to be the first device coming with this processor. This processor is Quad Core device where the cores have been clocked at the frequency of 2.3 GHz something which will really break through all the benchmark records. The primary camera coming with this phone is 13MP which is again really good.

Now what I really liked is the battery backup, i.e. 3000 mAh, till now Samsung Galaxy S4 with the Full HD resolution and 5 Inches of display has the battery backup of 2600 mAh which was good but here in G2 this is even better because they have introduced a new graphics in the RAM which will lower the power consumption done in the display usage (something which is majorly responsible in extracting the battery backup).

The display size here in this phone is 5.2 Inches and the resolution is Full HD 1080p. The memory allocation on this phone is 2GB of RAM and for the internal storage you will have 16GB or 32GB. This phone will come in 2 variants of internal storage as specified previously. Apart from these hardware combos it also gets his hands on some of the unique features which were only seen on Galaxy S4 and some of them are unique.

You can take the phone near to your ears while it is ringing and it will be answered automatically (but this can be a problem if you will put your fingers on the proximity sensor as this feature uses the proximity sensor). You will also have the option to open the lock on the screen as the guest so that there will be the required access posed by the user and even after opening the lock of the phone the user will be able to read the message or see the images on your phone.

So, till now the camera, processor display and battery are the best and they are literally unbeatable as of now. This combo is something which raised the eyebrows of the users when Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched and now with this LG will definitely rise its reputation.


Abhinav Singh

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