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Auris Carmen Bluetooth Adaptor For Car Review – Features, Performance, Battery and Verdict

Auris Carmen bluetooth for car adaptor is really a nice accessory which you can buy from and it helps you play music on your car speakers without needing you to connect to the speakers with a audio cable. The main advantage of this small little adaptor is you can use it to make any speakers work wirelessly with your smartphone or even with your laptop as well. You can not only play music but you can take calls as well with your car speakers once you use this adaptor and connect it with your any bluetooth enabled phone.


Box Contents

You get the Auris BT adaptor, Car charger, MicroUSB to USB charging cable, Audio cable, Audio extension cable, magnetic dock with the stick back side.


Build Quality, Design and Form Factor

The build quality is quite good it feels solid and light weight as well on the other hand. The design is rounded square quite small and nice finish with good quality of plastic and other materials. The form factor is also good which makes it quite portable to carry with you anywhere.

Sound, Performance and Battery Backup

The sound which gets streamed to the car speakers or to your home or office speakers is loud and clear without any disturbance, The overall performance of the device in terms of sound quality is good but the battery backup is quite average but its not an issue if you are using it in your car as you can charge the device while using it.

Auris BT Adaptor For Car Photo Gallery


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Conclusion and Price

Auris BT Adaptor for car is really a good device which you will get addicted to use it once you start using it in your car or with home speakers. The price of this is around Rs. 4450 INR which may seem quite high as you might get similar devices in market for a cheaper price but the quality of sound and the inbox accessories you get with this justify the price to a great extent.


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