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What is Dual SIM Dual Standby and Dual SIM Dual Active

Dual SIM Dual Standby or Dual SIM Dual Active? Perplexed? We get many queries from our readers asking the difference between Dual SIM Dual Standby and Dual SIM Dual Active. Today in this blog post we will cover what is what and which one is a better option for you.


Dual SIM Dual Standby

These types of dual SIM devices are abundant in Indian Android Market and are present over a wide price range. As the name suggest these type of phones support both SIMs in Standby mode. That is to say until you are not using any of your SIM cards, both are active and on standby. But once you start using Either SIM1 or SIM2 the other one becomes inactive. If someone calls you on the other SIM he will hear a not reachable message from your service provider. (Sometimes blank tone or nothing). This can be a graver problem if you use your secondary SIM to make long duration calls, Cause it will render your primary SIM inactive and make you not reachable.

A simple way to get around this problem is by activating call forwarding on one SIM for another. when you are talking on one SIM your other SIM will be unreachable, so if any one calls on the inactive SIM, the call will be routed to you and you will get the option to put the ongoing call on hold and attend it if its Urgent. Although it will cost you money, in accordance with your celluar providers tarrif plan, if you choose to attend it.

The Dual SIM standby devices which are obsolete now, allowed users to only opt for one SIM even in the standby mode. If you want to use the other SIM in these phones you have to manually opt for the other SIM and restart your phone.

These Phones use same transceiver for both SIMs and thus consume less battery power compared to Dual SIM Dual Active mobiles. Some phones with Dual Standby also report of faulty network connections. When you are using 3G or 2G connection you might not get proper connection or no connection on the other SIM. But this is rare and most probably this won’t be the problem you would have to face.

Dual SIM Dual Active

As you would have guessed by now most Dual SIM Dual Active phones keep both SIMs active at all time. When you are taking calls on one SIM, you will still receive calls and messages on the other. You will get the option to put the first call on Hold and attend the call on the other SIM.

Dual Active phones have two separate Transceivers and in some cases diff processor cores for both SIM and this leads to more power consumption. This has to be aided by use of larger battery capacity. Few years back Chinese phones with Dual Active features used to come with double battery. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 is an example of Dual Active smartphone .

Dual SIM phones have numerous advantages. You can choose cost effective services of two cellular service providers, you can keep two SIM cards from diffrent coverage areas and use them while on the move and you can save more contacts using the memory from both SIM cards. But if you are using a Dual Standby device make sure you choose the services on both SIM wisely. If you use a SIM card for cheaper call rates during day time hours it would be preferable that it be your primary SIM so that you are reachable when required. Though Dual Active is more admirable, unfortunately Dual active options are not very abundant

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