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What Is MHL And How To Tell If Your Device Supports MHL

Of late, various technologies like OTG, Miracast, DLNA, etc. have been developed in order to aid the user in using his smart device better. One technology which has garnered a lot of attention is MHL. However, many users still have a lot of doubts regarding this technology. The most frequently asked questions regarding MHL are ‘What is MHL?’, ‘How does MHL work?’, ‘Does my phone have MHL?’, etc.


This post is solely dedicated to discussing MHL and it’s uses, and at the same time, clearing your minds regarding the same.

1. What is MHL?

As per the official MHL website,

MHL is a technology standard developed by some of the top smartphone and consumer electronics manufacturers in the world – Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba. Smartphones and tablets with MHL can connect instantly to larger high-definition TVs to display streaming video, pictures and games all with immersive surround sound. MHL means your content is larger than life so you can sit back, enjoy and experience.

MHL has other bonuses — it charges your phone while it’s connected to the TV. And you can use the TV’s remote to control the content coming from your phone on the big screen. MHL is the Magic in the Middle

First off, MHL stands for ‘Mobile High-Definition Link’.

In layman terms, MHL is a technology developed by major smartphone manufacturers, which lets you stream your device’s content to an HDMI compatible television. You can think of MHL as just another adapter that can take place of a full-sized HDMI port.

However, the thing to note is that MHL is a technology standard and not just a proprietary technology. This means that, just like USB, every manufacturer that wishes to include MHL has to follow a set of guidelines so that the device functions well with any HDMI television/device.

2. How does MHL work?

It it actually quite simple to understand. Taking an example of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is an MHL enabled phone. The device has only one micro USB port and no traditional HDMI-out port. However, a separate adapter, the MHL adapter can be bought using which you can connect the device to a traditional HDMI port-enabled TV. The MHL adapter converts the micro USB to a female HDMI port, which can then be connected to a standard HDMI cable.


However, Samsung have gone on to make their own proprietary adapters that work only with Samsung phones, known as ‘Samsung Micro-USB-to-HDMI adapter (eleven-pin)’ adapters. On the other hand, most other devices use a standard adapter, known as ‘Standard Micro-USB-to-HDMI adapter (five-pin)’

3. Does my phone support MHL?

As there is no separate port for MHL (it is integrated with the USB port), it can be quite confusing to know whether your phone supports MHL or not. However, it is easy to know if your phone does. All you need to do is simple visit the ‘Do I Have MHL?’ page on the official MHL website, and if your phone features on the list, congrats, your phone does support MHL!


16 thoughts on “What Is MHL And How To Tell If Your Device Supports MHL”

  1. yes, they can be connected it does support OTG – you can also use a USB Hub to connect both mouse and keyboard at the same time.

  2. Ya?!? “Its simple, all you have to do is visit”, “do I have HML” to find ouit if your phone has HML.
    NOT !!!! What a joke. This site doesn’t list a quarter of the phones that have it.
    So it is far from simple. Unless someone gets off their lazy ass and gets a method to actually test the phone, or locate this atribute in Android system files.

  3. Manisha Kuldeep Verma

    Hi Garg,

    My Canvas 2.2 does not have MHL. So is there any way to connect my phone to TV. I mean via USB to VGA or somthing???

  4. i have an s4 mini and a tab3 but neither with display on my samsung tv i have a

    Micro USB MHL to HDMI Cable Adapter but when connected nothing happens anyone any suggestions


    These r the 2 features i am most interested in

    Kindly help out ALL FRIENDS

    Do these two features combinely come only in high end mobiles

    Could somebody mind explaining me the most budget friendly entry level model featuring above two mentioned specialites compulsarily


    how do i know without having to read the full review of any upcoming or available model that whether these two features are available in a mobile or not through yes or no

    I mean any website or so

    Thnx advanced for helping

    Good day all

  6. I have Samsung Grand Quattro, which does not support MHL. How can I connect my mobile with Projector directly (through cable, without need of laptop) ? MHL converter shall not work in my mobile, so how can I do it? I request some one to kindly help me out. Many thanks. [email protected]

  7. What a bummer..! Yu Yureka does NOT support MHL..! Talking about cyanogen and octa core while missing a basic feature like MHL.. such a shame!

  8. neither the s4 mini or tab 3 are mhl compatible therefore you cannot connect them to a tv

  9. Samsung GTi8852 doesn’t have MHL its not showing MHL website too.. how can i connect my device into FULL HD TV what are the devices (eg:HDMI,Adapters.etc) i have to buy can anyone provide the details regarding this mail me to [email protected]

  10. 1)mhl adapter to phone power2)universal hdmi cable to tv3)travel charger to power source..and THEN i have to restart my phone?????is necessary?

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