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Why You should buy a Phone with Removable Battery

Our hunger for feature rich phones has been ever increasing. Unfortunately this insatiable need has not met with equivalent improvement in battery technology and the very soul of our smartphones, its battery is now a limiting factor. In a age where on one hand, running out of charge is not at all acceptable and on the other alluring options like  high brightness and high ppi Displays, quad core and Octa core processor, Graphic intensive gaming, GPS and power hungry Background apps threaten to drive us out of power in a couple of hours, Yes! Battery life can be a great source of anxiety and thus it is ever so important to choose the correct one.

As the title suggests, this post is intended to help you make up your mind between opting for a removable or a non-removable battery.


What Options do i have when i can’t afford running out of battery?

When you know you will be in a situation where you need to have your phone on like while attending a late concert or while on a trip, you have only two options. Either carry a battery bank or an extra battery. If you are using a smartphone with removable battery, you can just remove the back cover flip out that battery, place the spare one and you are good to go. Unfortunately this is not an option when you have a phone with a non-removable battery. You can use battery banks but many people hate the fact that have to be cautious and conscious about battery and worry about charging them, keeping a charged spare battery is more hazel free when you are not at home.

Yes battery banks come in smaller size these days but are often more expensive and have a larger size than normal batteries which are also easier to carry. If you regularly are in such situations on a daily basis it is highly recommended that you carry a battery pack because removing the battery cover again and again might damage its plastic hinges.

What happens when my non removable battery phone is couple of years old?

This is where you removable battery will have unquestionable advantage. Batteries come with limited charge cycles and After a couple of years your battery charge will inevitably decrease and it won’t hold as long as it did when it was new. You have the option to send your non-removable battery phone to the manufacturer for battery replacement but that will cost you money and you will have to part with your phone for at least a week or even more. With a Non Removable phone you can easily and inexpensively change your battery. More over if you decide to upgrade, it won’t be easy selling your old non removable battery device as buyers won’t trust your battery and you won’t get a good deal.

What Happens when my phone gets hanged?

Many will argue that that it’s easier to flip out your battery and restart your phone when it gets hanged, but this won’t be a problem in either type of device. There are ways to restart a phone with non removable battery, as mentioned in the linked blog post. In most cases you can restart your phone by pressing Volume Up + Volume Down + Power key for about 10 to 20 seconds. It is advisable to follow these methods whenever possible even with removable battery devices, to prevent your back cover hinges from mechanical abuse. No matter what Many will continue to opt for this less vexing method of flipping out that battery!


Design Issues

Another argument you will hear is, that non removable battery phones look sleeker and better. Well that strictly depends on your taste and even if it were true, it’s a tradeoff between functionality and design. Most people will be irked if their phones can’t perform even though all parts are functional just because the battery juices have run out of charge and there is not much option. It’s for you to decide if all that hazel is worth it over a couple of millimeters of sleekness.

Conclusion and Solution

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t part with his gadgets for considerable time and for whom durability is a key factor, go for non removable battery devices. If you are opting for a domestic or Chinese OEM without proper service centers in your area, opt for a removable battery (your battery may start under-performing before warranty period)

When you carry an extra battery, it poses a difficulty when you have to charge them. You will first have to charge your one battery and then replace it and charge it again. This is fine IF you don’t have to use an extra battery quite often. But if you don’t want to compromise on factors like display brightness, live wall papers, Geo tagging and gaming, then you can enjoy best of both worlds by buying a spare battery and battery bank both. Samsung has launched a portable battery charger with an extra battery. Other such devices are also readily available. This is a very very effective solution to all your battery woes!

Why You Should Buy Battery Pack For Your SmartPhone [Video]


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