Micromax is among the most famous domestic manufacturers in India, and is regarded as the pioneer in technology by some. The company recently launched the Bolt A67 along with the Canvas Fun A76 (Quick Review) after a dry spell for a while. The device comes with an MRP of 5,975 INR and comes with a dual core processor along with 512MB of RAM. However, the device does not feature 3G, which might hamper the sales by a bit.

The phone will have a tonne of other devices to compete with – devices across many manufacturers, most of them however being Indian.

Camera And Internal Storage

The Bolt A67 comes with a rather austere set of cameras that includes a 2MP rear unit coupled with a 0.3MP front. This seems a rather low set of specs as far as cameras are concerned, given that many other dual core phones in the same price range feature 5MP-8MP units at about the same price. A 5MP shooter was expected at the least.

Also, the fact that the phone does not feature 3G connectivity renders the front camera more or less a mere number, since users will only be able to perform video calls over WiFi.

The Bolt A67 comes with an expected 4GB ROM which can be expanded up to 32GB via means of a microSD card. However, this cannot be labelled as below-average since most phones up to the 10-12k INR mark feature the same amount of internal storage.

Processor And Battery

The Bolt A67 packs a dual core 1GHz processor, assumed to be the MT6572. This processor, along with the 512MB of RAM that’s present on this device, can make for a decent combination. You can expect the phone to be fluid and smooth through most day to day apps like email, WhatsApp and other IM, stock Android apps, etc.

However, the lack of processing strength might be felt while trying to run hardware-intensive applications.

The Bolt A67 comes with a slightly underpowered battery of 1850mAh. The phone will still manage to pull you through one day but be prepared to see the low battery warnings

Most other budget phones feature 2000mAh batteries so the Bolt A67 loses a point here.

Display And Features

The Micromax Bolt A67 comes with a 4.5 inch display, which makes it one of the more usable and portable mobile devices in the market. Although many prefer 5 inch devices, a 4.5 inch one does make sense at times more than one.

This 4.5 inch display packs a WVGA resolution of 480×800 pixels. Upon calculating the PPI, we get a figure of 207 which is about OK for a phone costing under 10k INR.

The phone will come preinstalled with Android 4.0 which is quite a disappointment, since almost every other manufacturer in the domestic sector is offering v4.2 out of the box.

Looks and Connectivity

As you can see from the picture above, the phone comes with a regular bar form factor. Although there’s nothing new as far as the design is concerned, bar designs have been a favourite of most for a while now and the phone does a decent job at looking good.

On the connectivity front, the phone will come with the regular dual SIM connectivity minus the 3G feature – the Bolt A67, surprisingly, does not feature 3G which comes as quite a shocker to us.


The phone can be compared to a handful of other Indian devices including the recently released Spice Stellar Glamour Mi-436 which will give you better looks plus 3G connectivity, Spice Smart Flo Pace (No 3G, cheaper), Lava’s 3G 356 and 3G 402, etc.

Key Specs

Model Micromax Bolt A67
Display 4.5 inches WVGA
Processor 1GHz dual core
RAM, ROM 512MB RAM, 4GB ROM expandable up t0 32GB
OS Android v4.0
Cameras 2MP rear, 0.3MP front
Battery 1850mAh
Price 5,975 INR


Given that the phone is priced a notch above what other manufacturers ask for, plus the fact that it does not feature 3G, we think that Micromax are going to have a tough time trying to convince potential buyers into buying this device.

The one plus Micromax have over any other domestic manufacturer is that they are more popular than any other and are a household name in most cities. However, with buyers getting smart by the day, the lack of 3G will pinch.


  1. this is the good phone for every one because it is smart phone and low price. so i want say to every one please buy it and get a injoy.

    • We haven’t done the full review of this phone, but as per specs it looks good for a budget android phone. If you can tell us your requirement we can suggest you better, as per which phone suits your requirements and price budget.

    • Specs of this phone are decent, I had done the hands on, but not done the full review but it looks good and we dnt plan to review it as well, so buy it but check the feedback from micromax existing consumers.

      • Thanks for the response.
        I am very much confused to choose one of the good reliable phone. I am not much techno. As you Know many heads many minds, they confused me a lot. I need: Front Camera, Dual SIMs, 4″ Size is enough, Email Facility, Android…….. you can better understand my state of mind.

        Brand should be reliable with its Support field, and mobile performance is satisfactory.
        Please suggest me some good ones.


  2. Thanks again,
    I think You missed my 1st mail. I have copy and paste my second mail here along with price.

    ***** I am very much confused to choose one of the good reliable phone. I am not much techno. As you Know many heads many minds, they confused me a lot. I need: Front Camera, Dual SIMs, 4″ Size is enough, Email Facility, Android, 3G…….. you can better understand my state of mind.
    Brand should be reliable with its Support field, and mobile performance is satisfactory.
    Please suggest me some good ones.*****
    Samsung or Sony are very costly and they do not fulfill my requirement at my budget. I can adjust with other Brands. Please take care that handset doesn’t have too much lags or problems. My Budget is not more than 7000/- INR.

    • I can suggest you Xolo A500S, Samsung Galaxy Music Duos both of these phones will support 3G connectivity as well. Spice Smart Flo Pace 2 is also another decent choice in this price range and you can expect a better after sales support from spice than from xolo.

  3. Hello,

    Morcomax phone has not good voice quality, and very slow without hand free. Could you please advice this phone has not such problem

  4. hiii i am going to buy a phone under 5500 rs soon…i am a studunt….so i don’t use 3g that much…..but i love playing game….could you please suggest me a phone with at least 4″ screen…under5500 rs….

  5. I am looking for a mobile with following req: 5” display, android version, whats up app, sometimes need to check google map n emails. Can you suggest me some good phone with lower budget ~5-7K.
    Saw some karbon mobile(A26/25) and micromax. But confused with lot of -ve review comments.
    Can you suggest me some good phone.
    Thanks | Abhishek

  6. Micromax Does Not Manufactures any mobile it just rebrands Cheap chinese phones , which you wont buy even for half of price if they are sold to you by their original names . Since it does not manufactures any mobiles it does not have/need its own Hardware R&D department and result of which customers suffers and have to wait for their product to get repaired from service centers . The hardware is not tested for quality and there are large number of Display , Power and Camera issues in micromax phones .

    I have started a blog to make people Aware of Micromax Cheap Phones and Bad Service kindly share your stories to support it


  7. Hi,
    I am a student.I am looking for a smart phone,requirements are ,4″ screen,android version,3G,
    dual sim and it must have camera atleast 2MP and the prize should be with in 5000rs
    can you suggest some phones

  8. Which phone is better when compare to Micromax Bolt A67 and Samsung Galaxy Star Pro..
    and also would you Please suggest me any other phone which budget is less than Rs 7000/-,

  9. I would rather use Moto G or Micromax should have Moto G features on their upcoming Smartphones and there is no point buying a used micromax phone and it would be difficult to locate the Service centers.


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