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[How To] Get Popup Notification for WhatsApp and all Other Apps on Android

While working or when otherwise engaged, we all face a common problem. If you don’t leave your phone on silent it keeps vibrating again and again which can bother coworkers and even irritate you when you have to go through the hackneyed task of unlocking the screen only to find that it’s an SMS from your cellular service provider or a useless SMS from a salesman. If you put your device on silent mode, it is likely that you might miss few notifications.

Your Android phone offers you the advantage to view popup notifications for all apps even on your lock screen. You can use a simple App which you can download for free and can switch your phone to silent mode at work without having to worry about missing any important notification. You can just scan through your notification with a glance when your lock screen lights up with a pop up notification

Follow the following steps to enable popup notifications of all apps on you android phone:

  • Download and Install Popup Notifier from Playstore
  • A tutorial will appear when you open the App you can swipe through it
  • Now you will see the list of all apps with a check box in front of them
  • Tab on any app non highlighted app (any app other then SMS or Missed calls )


  • Tap on OK in the message that pops up from Accesibility service
  • Tap on POPUP Free icon in the list under SERVICES


  • SLIDE the off button in the top right corner to ON and tap on OK on the notification that appears


  • You can go back to the App list and select all Apps whose popup notifications you wish to see

A good thing about this App is that it won’t interfere with popup notifications of Apps that are already enabled. For example you can enable Pop up notifications from WhatsApp which allow you to respond from the Lock screen. If you dont know how follow the following simple steps

  • Go to whatsApp and open the settings page


  • Tap on Notifications
  • Tap on popup Notification under Message Notifications


  • Choose Always show Popup option


You are done!!

Like most people in India if you use WhatsApp as your primary messenger, then Popup Notifier and this slight tweak in settings will make your life much simpler. You will also get notification popups while working with other apps and this will eliminate the need to go back to home screen again and again.

So now you can switch your phone back to silent mode at work and focus without fretting about missing a notification from that important someone.

You can also opt for Paid version of Popup Notifier to enable further tweaks in setting menu. Let us know if this App was helpful and worked properly in the comments section of this post!