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TYLT Introduces VU Wireless Charger for Qi-Compatible Charging Phones

Wireless charging has started getting popular these days, it start with the invent of Lumia series and then slowly few phones from the LG series accompanied the same pace followed by the Droid DNA and these days there are lots of phone which are compatible with Qi-charging style.


One of the good things about this charging style is that we don’t have to care about ports of the chargers which is usually the first thing which gets damaged on a charger. So, TYLT came up with a universal charger which is also equipped with the same Qi-Compatibility and it can be used with all the other device which have been mentioned above.


Tilted at the angle of 45 degrees it will act as a charging plate for your device and it includes larger number of induction coils in it, which will make it easier for you to put on the frame, in other words there is not precise position of the location where you will place your phone on the charging frame.

This is what the founder of TYLT had to say about it “With the VU wireless charger, we have blended art with technology,” said TYLT Founder Rami Rostami. “Once you experience the ease of wireless charging you wonder why it’s taken so long for mass adoption.”

The inclination has been provided so that you could read the messages and mails while the phone is getting charged. This comes in few vibrant colors which includes black, green, blue and red. It can be bought right from the home page of manufacturer and the price of this product will be $69.99 USD.


Abhinav Singh

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