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Nokia Announced DVLUP Program to Encourage App Developers

Nokia has announced a reward program to encourage Windows phone developers. This program is now available in more than 20 countries globally and has been designed to empower developers to increase the visibility of their Apps. Chanse Arrington, Global Head of Developer Business Tools at Nokia, Explain how this is supposed to happen.


Nokia’s DVLUP program puts developers in the driver’s seat – providing them with a clear path to get their app featured in app discovery and marketing channels,” said Chanse Arrington, Global Head of Developer Business Tools at Nokia. “By leveraging elements of gamification, developers earn points as they improve their app, empowering them to promote their app in marketing, advertising and merchandizing channels like the Windows Phone Store. This creates a more transparent and fair app ecosystem, where developers are in control of their own success.”

So in simpler words, if you keep updating your app and improving it, you get to promote it. Developers can create, book, and manage their own application promotion and marketing campaigns built through participation in DVLUP.

DVLUP aims at creating a fun and competitive environment to encourage App developers. The developers can earn badges and experience points, called XP by completing quizzes and challenges related to App development. Better the quality of your App, more points you score.

Once you get enough points, you can promote your App on Windows Phone Store, App Social, in-app advertising, as well as by using print, digital, social and out-of-home media opportunities

This program was launched as a pilot program in USA and Canada last year and has now gone global with its reach in 20 countries including India. Such programs are quite necessary for Windows phone o.s. to catch up with the competition and to churn out good quality secure apps. If you are an Interested developer, you can join DVLUP for free.

Nokia DVLUP Program and what it has to Offer [Video]


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