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Maxim Integrated MAX16984 Automotive charger for Portable Devices

Maxim Integrated has launched a Automotive charger in India which is capable of recognizing and charging any portable device using your car battery. The Max16984 automotive DC to DC converter with USB charge emulator provides for reliable and fast charging with certain advantages.


Long Embedded cables cause voltage drop which leads to less current, which in turn results in more time in charging. The MAX16984 has been designed to solve these issues without any RF interference. For achieving this, MAX16984 combines a low EMI 5V automotive-grade DC-DC converter capable of driving up to 2.5A with dynamic voltage adjustment, which is essential for charging contemporary PDs over long automotive embedded cables.

Apart from the 5V DC-DC converter, USB BC 1.2 charge adapter emulator can send handshake signals to your portable device and communicate it to increase its charging current. Integrated ESD diodes and USB over voltage protection switches are also present for fault protection.

The MAX16984 operates from a voltage up to 28V and comes with integrated output adjustment to eliminate effects due to voltage drop. When not in use it switches to low power mode in order to reduce power consumption.

“The highly integrated, small MAX16984 allows industry-leading USB charging directly from a low-cost radio, hub, or dedicated charge port,” said Ben Landen, Automotive Business Manager at Maxim Integrated. “The space and cost savings enable scalable designs into full vehicle fleets, across all sizes and classes, and help leverage consumer products into the automotive environment.”

The Maxim Integrated automotive charger can be ordered online from their official website for $8.3 or for around 500 ruppes


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