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iPhone 5s, 5c Available on 2 year RCOM Contract for Rs. 2,599 and Rs. 2,999 per Month

The carrier contract system has now come to India with the partnership between Reliance Communications and Apple. The contract system is pretty much similar to what we have seen in countries like USA and UK. Lets check on the details to know if it will offer real value for money.


Under this subsidy scheme, you won’t have to pay any down payment for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c 16 GB variants. You will only have to shell out Rs. 2, 599 for iPhone 5c (Quick Review) and Rs. 2,999 for iPhone 5s (Quick Review) per month for 2 Years. To avoid grey marketing all payments will be accepted by credit cards and for this Reliance has reportedly partnered with ICICI and HDFC banks. You can Buy iPhone 5c 16 GB for Rs 41,900 and iPhone 5s for Rs. 53,500 off the contract.

You will receive unlimited free local and STD calls on this scheme along with unlimited 3G Data and SMS (up to 3000 per month). It is not specified if there will be cap on 3G data speed. You will only have to pay for international calls and international roaming.

Commenting on this innovative offer, Mr Gurdeep Singh, President & CEO (Wireless), Reliance Communications Limited, said: “We are delighted to be amongst the first to launch the Apple iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s in India and are focused on growing this user segment with our novel iPhone offers, which break all ownership rules and put the customer first. The Apple iPhone has been a dream for users in India and overseas, and it is our endeavor to grow this market and makeevery Indian’s dream come true with RCOM’s compelling and affordable iPhone ownership plan”


You will still have to pay a down payment of Rs. 11,600 for iPhone 5c 32 GB, Rs. 10,992 for iPhone 5s 32 GB and Rs. 19,992 for iPhone 5s 64 GB. If you are buying iPhone 5c 16 GB under this scheme, you will have to pay 20,876 more than your iPhone 5c cost which also accommodates your usage charges for two years.

If your tariffs are more than Rs. 850 (approx) you will get more than you put in. If you do the math for iPhone 5s 16 GB you will get similar deal. It is however an easy option to own an iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c if you are short on budget and trust Reliance Network coverage. Customers can buy the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at any Reliance outlets in the Company’s 13 3G circles.


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