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Lenovo P780 Review, Unboxing, Benchmarks, Gaming, Camera and Verdict

Lenovo P780 has been one of the most popular phone launched in India some months ago, the most attractive key feature of this phone is the huge battery of 4000 mAh which comes with this phone. It comes powered with 1.2 Ghz Quad Core MediaTek MT6589 chipset with 1 GB of RAM and 5 Inch of IPS display, we tell you in this review whether this phone is worth the money you will pay for it.


Lenovo P780 Quick Specs

  • Display Size: 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 720 x 1280 HD resolution
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad Core MediaTek Mt6589
  • RAM: 1 Gb
  • Software Version: Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
  • Camera: 8 MP AF camera.
  • Secondary Camera: 1.2 MP front-facing camera FF [Fixed Focus]
  • Internal Storage: 4 GB
  • External Storage: Expandable up to 32GB
  • Battery: 4000 mAh battery Lithium Polymer Ion
  • Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio
  • Others: OTG Support – Yes, Dual SIM – Yes, LED Indicator – Yes
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity

Box Contents

Handset, In ear headphones, micro USB to USB cable, User guide, Universal USB Charger with 2 Ampere output current and screen protector which comes preinstalled on the device.

Build Quality, Design and Form Factor

P780 is a one of best phones which comes with amazing build quality, it feels solid in hands with metallic back cover which can be removed but the battery is non removable on the phone and sealed inside. The design of the phone is does make a different statement, it does feel like a premium phone in terms of looks. The matte finish rear of the device does give you a better grip and great metal feel in hands, its equally handy phone with rounded edges which makes it easy to hold and carry around. It has dimensions 143 x 73 x 10 mm which makes it not a thin device but its not too thick as well being a 5 Inch display phone. The only thing which could make this phone not too good in terms of the form factor is the weight. It weighs around 176 grams at which it is slightly more heavier as compared to the other phones of same display and similar price segment.

Camera Performance


The rear camera in the device is 8 MP with auto focus and LED flash for low light photos, it can also record 1080p video from rear camera at 30 fps, you can also use the front facing 1.2 MP camera which his fixed focus to take decent self portrait shots and you can also do good quality video chat. The day light performance of the rear camera is great and low light performance is also decent and one thing we like is output pictures are not oversaturated and look real in terms of color reproduction, more you can get to know through the camera samples below.

Camera Samples


Display, Memory and Battery Backup

It has 5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 720 x 1280 HD resolution gives you pixel density of the 294 pixels per inch. The display of the device does not feel pixelated while reading document with large amount of the text, it also has pretty good viewing angles as well which makes it easy to consume multimedia and gaming becomes more fun. The in built memory of the device is 4 Gb out of which around 1.45 Gb available for apps and to store pictures, videos and other data. You have support for expanding the storage with Micro SD memory card and upto 32 Gb card will be supported and you can also install apps directly on the SD card as well, after selecting SD Card as default write disk. Battery backup is the major highlight of this phone as it will last upto 2 days on moderate usage if you don’t play a lot of games and watch videos much, but even with heavy usage you will get one day or more backup from the battery on this device.

Software, Benchmarks and Gaming

Software UI on the device is heavily optimized in terms of looks but its snappy and there is no lag in UI which is something we really being a custom UI is it quite fast, it does have some cool animations as well. Gaming performance of the device is good if not the best as you can play casual games like Temple run oz, Subway Surfer etc smoothly, medium graphic intensive games like asphalt 7, Front line commando runs fins as well and you can also play MC4 and Nova 3 as well with a little graphic glitch.

Benchmark Scores

  • Quadrant Standard Edition: 4835
  • Antutu Benchmark: 13885
  • Nenamark2: 44.6 fps (good score)
  • Multi Touch: 5 point

Sound, Video and Navigation

The sound output from the loudspeaker the is loud enough and the voice from ear piece was clear, but the loud speaker is placed at the back side of the device, so it will get blocked at times or at least will get muffled when you place the device flat on a table. It can play HD videos at 720p and 1080p without any audio and video sync issues. It can also be used for GPS navigation with the help of assisted GPS and it does have magnetic sensor for precise navigation. You will need internet connectivity to use navigation on the device as it requires some data download to lock the GPS.

Lenovo P780 Photo Gallery


What We Liked

  • Long Battery Backup
  • Fast Custom Software UI
  • Decent Gaming Performance
  • Good Daylight Camera Performance

What We Did Not Liked

  • Heavy Weight
  • Non Removable Battery

Lenovo P780 Full In Depth Review + Unboxing [Video]

Conclusion and Price

Lenovo P780 is a great value for money device available in the market for a price of around Rs. 19,000. Its a decent performer both on the gaming and application day to day usage scenarios. It will give you an awesome battery backup, which is an issue with most of the smartphone these days but on other hand the heavy weight of the device is something which you may not like in the beginning but you will get use to it wit time and around one week of usage.

44 thoughts on “Lenovo P780 Review, Unboxing, Benchmarks, Gaming, Camera and Verdict”

  1. Hi Abhishek , I am really a big fan of your site. You people are really doing a great job.Your reviews are really good , you are showing each and every small specification which is very important for a gadget lover.
    Really I want more people to join your site and more comments on your blog…..
    Can you Please make front page little more attractive with more images…

  2. Can you verify the front camera, as flipkart states it as 0.3 and in your review you said 1.3. And does it has Corning gorilla glass too???. Please verify these points.

  3. Its 1.3 mp not 0.3 as we have verified it already. We have no information about any kind of protection on the display of this phone.

  4. Glad to know that you like our site and content and our efforts, we plan get to more people involved, will keep you posted, you can send us info about you through and email on admin[at]gadgetstouse[dot]com

  5. Hi Abhishek,
    Does this phone have gorilla glass on it? And how is the call reception and quality?
    I’ve read on some forums that the reception quality is not very good and the Gorilla glass aspect is sought of hidden in the descriptions. What say?

  6. Friend Abhishek, I come across some side regarding this phone doesn’t support PUSS/SERVICE message, which is badly needed in our country. Because most of us uses Prepaid connection. call duration and its cost is require for us. Further it also has low voice quality over ear piece. Please confirm. Thanks

  7. Hi Abhi ,Gr8 job u put up there. Well described. Good to know ’bout the gorilla glass feature(thanx to Sony). I just want to know abot u’r comments on whether it is worth to invest an additional 2K/4K on dis device as compared to some other device with better specifications viz. Huawei G700 and Canvas Magnus.


  8. HI Abhishek

    Great review, thanks. 🙂

    I planning to buy a phone with a max budget of 20K, What I want nice large display, good gaming and Dual Sim and best performance.

    What I have thought of as probable phones:
    Lenovo S92
    Lenovo P780
    Samsung S4 Mini
    Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8

    Could you help me choose the best one.

    Looking for your reply. Thanks

  9. Pranaam Abhishekji, thank you for such a detailed review, you’ve shown each & every detail about this handset,never seen such a detailed review by anyone else. The only thing that I felt missing was a sample video, either a 720p or a full HD 1080p, to see how video playback works on it. Baaki, loved your review & your website, keep up this good work. I’ll be a regular visitor to your website & youtube channel.

  10. Thanks for the all the good words, we are glad that these reviews are helping, from now on we will keep sharing the video sample as well in each review we post.

  11. P780 is a great device in this category, its available for around 19k and other devices like s4 mini and mega 5.8 are both more than 20k in terms of the price.

  12. hi abhi, I would like to know how you captured that angry bird picture …the back is mono and that focused angry bird is with colour??

  13. this device is good as far the battery backup is concerned as there is no other device in this price range which can beat it.

  14. Really, a superb review! Commandable efforts. You have covered all the facts that other reviewers missed who basically only read what’s mentioned on manufacturer spec page. Lenovo doesn’t say it supports 1080p video capture, has 1.2mp front cam and has magnetic sensor but you did.

    I was really craving to see what the third page of qudrant looked like. Lenovo official page had got me worried has it only mentions three sensors. Only you, on the whole youtube, has shown what the third page of quadrant actually said. Thanks for that.

    I should have gotten this mobile when flipkart was retailing 8gb version at 16,999. Darn it.

    Both written and youtube reviews are perfect in every way except like the guy said above, actual video sample could have been great. Also while you are at it, please find a way to view original camera photos on this website.

    Thanks a ton. Best of luck for further reviews.

  15. we are glad that this review is helpful, we will also post video sample taken from this device as well in the review. Thanks for all the nice words.

  16. Hi Abhishek,
    Can you tell me how to app icon from application drawer to the home screen on Lenovo P780. As I am currently using it, but can’t find any option to do that. Please can you help me for the same.
    Thanks in advance

  17. Good Morning Abhishek,
    If it’s not too much to ask would you please check if this mobile supports 64GB SD cards. I’m asking this because some international websites mentioned it supporting this. Many times manufacturers don’t say officially that mobiles are supporting 64gb cards to save from paying for using exFat patents.

  18. hi Abhishek,
    love all your reviews..
    but…many have reported that the wifi on this phone is not at all good(like 3 ft. of so.)
    even many say that incoming voice during calls is very low??
    is it true??
    is the sound clarity good on the earphones???

  19. We did not faced any wifi specific issues on this phone and incoming voice call sound is clear and not too high in volume but we could easily hear th eother person on call.

    Sound clarity on the headphones is good.

  20. Dear Abhishek,
    Good review. Please include following in your review. which will help us to buy better smartphone based on your review.
    1) OTG Supports – If you shown in Vidoes could be better
    2) CPU-Appz – Sensors & etc..
    3) Video Play back ( 720P or 1080P)
    This is my suggestion.

  21. 1. OTG support we have started to mention now, its under quick specs.
    2. we will now start including cpu z as well, although we mention the sensors of the device in video.
    3. video playback we include in video review already.

  22. Can you please a detailed review of Lenovo S820(especially the camera of 12 mp) & post it? Thanks in advance.

  23. Dear Abhishek, this is an great review.. i have seen your video too.. but there’s still i need to ask.. :
    – is there an compass in this device?
    – is this lenovo metalic p780 on the rear easily heating? (since metal is a good conductor for heat a.k.a a big problem for battery)
    – is there any hint or tips to check this product for the defect before i purchase this device?
    (since i always saw any review from google that this device always contain defect from the store.. exp: dead pixels, constant idle connection and bad wifi direct, etc)

    sorry i got a lot question to ask because only this website that i knew review this product more detailed… thank you for your attention..

  24. oh one more question… is this device provide stabilizer for camera?
    sorry if i asking aquestion a lot… >.<

  25. a) there is compass sensor on this device.
    b) it does not heat much – metallic back feels good – it may get hot if you play heavy graphic games for more than 30 minutes.
    c) there is no build quality issues with this device – its solid and good in terms of build.

  26. we are not able to get this device for review, so may not be able to do the full review – we will let you know once we get it for review if we get it.

  27. Hi Abhishek , Very helpful review , thank u for this .
    I came to know from some website that , Now newly released 8 gb model has removable battery . Is it true ?
    Please let me know , because i want to buy it in next few days . Thank u in advance .

  28. Is there android have an online fixing support? Especially about lenovo p780 or email address that I can report and interaction. Example case,my external SD card not readed on lenovo p780 for mounting because I’ve try with some apk that should be make just one large storage. And I’ve rooted but cannot upgrade to kit kat yet.please help me

  29. yes as per the info the next version will have removable battery, however we will confirm this once we get the device.

  30. Naveen Chaudhary

    i had HTC one, been using that since august 13. Battery was the only problem with that one. Now I bought P780, looking at hardware I was a bit doubtful of its performance. But its good, though lags rarely. Battery is as loyal as, have no good example for loyalty. But lats 3 days on wifi and 3G all the time. Most of the apps do access web like whatsapp, skype, wechat and many more.
    Coming from HTC One, its loudspeaker feels meager, but still its better than many other hot selling handsets.
    Only problem is front camera, you will feel ashamed to do a video call. Thats it.

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