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Intex to Launch India’s First Octa-Core Smartphone

Here is another story for you related to Octa-Core Smartphone to be launched recently but this one is solely for the Indian users who are planning to get their hands on the first Octa-Core device. We are here with the first Octa-Core device launched by Intex which will be available very soon to all the users. Though we are not confirmed with the exact date by which it will be available in the store and the same goes for the price also but the preliminary specifications of the device are available with us.


The Octa-Core processor running at the frequency of 1.7GHz will be fun to play with and the moment we lay our hands on it, you will get to know about the Benchmark scores of this device. The rear camera is of 13MP camera and it is equipped with BSI sensor, this combination means that the image camera will be pretty good as the BSI will not let the quality compromise on the low light issues. The front camera is of 5MP which is again good enough to give this smartphone a good grade over the camera specs.

The size of the display is 6 Inches with HD (720p) resolution, this size may be too big for some of the users and may be worrying for a low battery backup but we don’t know anything about the battery strength, so no comment on backup as of now. The RAM memory is 2GB (not sure whether DDR2 or DDR3) but this is again something above average for the performance of your device. Other details about memory occupancy include 16GB or 32GB internal memory.

Other on-paper specifications include Dual SIM slots with GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth (version not specified) for the connectivity options. The speakers are also the attraction point for this smartphone as they include Yamaha Mobile PA with 1.2W output. So, these are all the specs which we have as of now, the remaining information will be updated soon.

2 thoughts on “Intex to Launch India’s First Octa-Core Smartphone”

  1. All this rush to Octa Core is good and well- what concerns me is that with a power hungry Octa core first gen. processor and large Full HD displays- these phone had better standardize on at least 4000 mAh or even larger batteries. My Samsung Note 2-with a 3100 mAh battery – really needs a recharge by 8 evening..dispite having Not having a Full HD display and only Quad Core !! Battery Power is surely going to be a limiting factor in more power to next gen. Smart Phones.

  2. Well In The Terms Of Specs (On Paper) It Really Seems A Great Device, I Wish This Time The Architecture Of The Processor Is Different From Cortex A7 Otherwise It Will Be Disastrous For The Battery Backup.

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