A new kid is on the block of Photon data connectivity devices and Tata Docomo is calling it Tata Photon Max Wi-Fi. The device is essentially an USB internet dongle but with a built in Wi-Fi hotspot. The device is priced at Rs. 1,999.

Like every other USB internet dongle, Photon Max Wi-Fi can be powered by any USB port and can serve up to 5 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously. The company claims that the device’s Wi-Fi hotspot has a range of 100 meters and is capable of peaking downloads speed of 6.2 Mbps.

With the device other Photon benefits are also included, like free national roaming. At paper the device looks promising and the reasons are obvious. The device omits the need of any additional routers for Wi-Fi connectivity. Instead you can plug the device in your laptop or any other USB power adapter and enjoy surfing the web on Wi-Fi enabled gadgets.

However, we believe the device’s success depends on the availability of network as well as affordability. Provided that the device is available at an affordable price of Rs 1,999, post purchase plans matter a lot. Presently, the Photon Max’s speed of 6.2 Mbps is limited to just around 30 cities. Rest of the users of other cities will get a speed of 3.1Mbps to 153.6Kbps.

For unlimited plans with fair usage in Photon Max Wi-Fi, you will at least have to shed Rs. 650 every month for postpaid connection and Rs 730 for prepaid connection. Here is a little sneak peak of the plans available, however these may vary with region:


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  1. Don’t but Tata DOCOMO Wifi MAX, I bought this device with Device bundle plan i.e 5000 rs for advance rental plan…What an amazing speed I experience…it is 600kbps always standard….When I reached customer care ..they gave humble answer which was eye opener for me(anybody who want to but this device)…”WE PROMISE 500kbps, and you are getting 600kbps,so our device is functioning properly…,WE ONLY MENTIONED UPTO 6MBPS…and you need to carefully read UPTO”…BTW I am resident of Bangalore (Chennasandra,near ITPL)

  2. I agree with every word that Ravi has said above. I too get speeds in the range of 400-600 kbps in Pune. I have had the same experience with the customer care where they said they only claim speeds of 512 kbps and anything above means the device is working very well.I believe the company is cheating people by making false promise at the time of selling it.

    My advice stay away from it.

  3. Don’t buy Tata DOCOMO Wifi MAX, I bought this device with Device bundle plan i.e 3000 rs pre paid…What bakwas speed I experience…it is 520 kbps always standard….When I complain to customer care ..they gave humble answer which was eye opener for me (anybody who want to buy this device)…”WE PROMISE 500 kbps, and you are getting 520 kbps, so our device is functioning properly…,WE ONLY MENTIONED UPTO 6,2 MBPS…and you need to carefully read UPTO”… so i again request you all that think several times before buying tata photon max wifi…… best i will suggest you to go for MTS, it is best.

  4. Please do not buy this ! Maximum Nuisance ! Yesterday I got it for Rs49999 for 3 months package. I could not get the wifi ! it works like any other dongle, needs to be connected to laptop ! no wifi! I lodged a cmplaint that it is not working! I got response that in 24 hours Iw ill hear from them. Just few minutes back I got a message my service request is resolved and closed. What an ide Sir ? How they could do with my problem without visiting my place or speaking to me ! My dealer in DoCoMo Hill road Bandra Mr Nitesh Khera is least bothered to call me or understand my problem ! He is happy he got the money and will have many more bakras like me to fall in his trap ! Please note the speed is 6 kbps and not 6 mbps ! So it will take one year for you to reach 15 gb!

  5. Guys,

    Please dont buy it

    it never gives you the speed and the customer service is worst, they dont know the difference between upload and download speed and such a stupid tech support they say that 256 kbps is a great speed and that is what they can offer, I f you are not interested you can throw the product.

  6. Hi,

    I’m compelled to write this review after repeated disappointments
    and “shocks” from TATA PHOTON MAX WIFI team.

    Learning about its innovative feature first time in the
    market, I placed an order for TATA PHOTON MAX WIFI, A plug-in dongle which is designed
    to be accessed by 5 persons simultaneously, by making Rs.2,300/- payment. I was
    repeatedly explained and assured about the tariff by the sales team, customer
    care and the service provider about a plan I chose. It was 1GB of free bundled usage with speed 6.2mbps for a monthly rental of
    Rs.300+taxes. I even have the call recordings of our conversations where
    they explained me about my tariff. After just a week’s usage I got a msg that
    my free usage limit is totally consumed & I have to recharge to renew the free
    data. I called up the customer care and they told me that I had chosen 512mb
    plan! When I told them I have the call recordings for the evidence, they
    promised me to waive off Rs.200 on the bill amount and grant me 1GB free usage
    as promised at the time of connection from next month.

    After 15 days the same drama repeated! Got a msg>Spoke to
    customer care> This time the service team had chosen 750mbps as my plan without
    any notice (Unilateral bargain!).

    I get a msg that my payments should be made before the due date
    but they have neither sent me the bill to my address nor e-mail. I was shocked
    to hear it from customer care that my bill amount is double the plan amount id chosen
    (for 20days).

    It has just been 1 month I purchased and I have spent nearly
    10+ hours with the customer care. There
    are lot more complaints which goes on…

    Now I realize that BSNL is relatively better when it comes
    to service, speed and reliable network after going through this experience. If
    you have a problem with the BSNL network it’s advisable to approach a higher
    authority! I did that and got my problem fixed within minutes.

    Pros: New feature of WIFI.

    Cons: 1. Highly
    unreliable. They change your tariffs without your notice. Make false assurances
    till you opt in.

    2. The speed they claim is big time false.

    3. The network is
    most often interrupted! Need to plug out and plug in every few minutes! The
    network is often slow than other networks I’ve been using.

    4. Customer care executives indifferently hangs the call in
    between the conversation if they sense that you’re intention of calling them is
    to complaint!!! (Happened to me and my friends innumerably)


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