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iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina Goes on Retail Sale in India

Apple India today started the sale of the iPad Air which is now lightest bigger iPad at weight of 469 grams compared to iPad 4 which was 662 grams and the decreased weight make it 20 % lighter than the older iPad where as the display remains the same. The other specs of iPad air includes Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) processor and 1 Gb of DDR3 RAM, its also available in wifi + 3G model as well, in which the SIM card slot is for the Nano-SIM not the Micro-SIM as was in earlier generation iPad.

Apple has organised retail launch event to start the sales across major cities in India. In delhi, it happened in Vasant Kunj where we saw good number of people turning up to purchase the new iPad, the public response was not the same we saw at iPhone 5S launch some days back.


With the new iPad Air, iPad Mini with retina display was also made available at this event in India for sales, so in case you are looking for iPad mini with retina display this is the right time to buy it, below is the pricing for both iPad air and iPad Mini with Retina.

iPad Mini and iPad Air Photo Gallery

Check out the photo gallery of iPad mini and iPad Air, there are some shots we took it with iPad 2, so you can get an idea about the from factor as well.


iPad Air and iPad Mini Pricing

Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display (Wi-Fi only)

iPad Mini with Retina Display 16GB      Rs 28,900

iPad Mini with Retina Display 32GB      Rs 35,900

iPad Mini with Retina Display 64GB      Rs 42,900

iPad Mini with Retina Display 128GB    Rs 49,900

Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

iPad Mini with Retina Display 16GB      Rs 37,900

iPad Mini with Retina Display 32GB      Rs 44,900

iPad Mini with Retina Display 64GB      Rs 51,900

iPad Mini with Retina Display 128GB    Rs 58,900

Apple iPad Air (Wi-Fi only)

iPad Air 16GB      Rs 35,900

iPad Air 32GB      Rs 42,900

iPad Air 64GB      Rs 49,900

iPad Air 128GB    Rs 56,900

Apple iPad Air (Wi-Fi + 3G)

iPad Air 16GB      Rs 44,900

iPad Air 32GB      Rs 51,900

iPad Air 64GB      Rs 58,900

iPad Air 128GB    Rs 65,900

Apple iPad mini

iPad mini 16GB (Wi-Fi only)                Rs 21,900

iPad mini 16GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular)      Rs 30,900

Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 16GB (Wi-Fi only)                Rs 28,900

iPad 2 16GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular)      Rs 37,900

Conclusion and Hands on

One thing we noticed was that, there was a considerable change in the weight of the new iPad air as compared to our older generation iPad 2 when we held both of these tablets together and in terms of form factor iPad air felt much better to carry when you are on the go, we have done a hands on review of the new iPad Air also compared with the iPad 2, stay tuned we will post that soon here and on our youtube channel as well very soon.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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