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Magic Cube Portable Speakers Review, Unboxing, Sound Quality, Form Factor and Verdict

Magic Cube is a nicely designed speaker which works both with bluetooth connectivity with any bluetooth enabled phone, tablet and PC. These new speakers looks great in terms of the design and form factor. In this review we tell you whether these speakers are worth the money you spend on them.


Magic Cube Full In Depth Review + Unboxing [Video]

Magic Cube Quick Specs

  • Bluetooth Version: 3.0
  • Audio Output: 5W
  • DC in: 5V
  • With built in Microphone, support phone call
  • 3.5MM AUX in for mp3 or other device.
  • Built in Li-ion battery for portable Usage.
  • Format Support:HSP,HFP,A2DP,AVRCP
  • Distance:10 meter
  • Li-ion Battery: 800MAH/3.7V
  • Standing time: 100 hours
  • Playing time:4-6 hours
  • Speaker: 5W
  • Distortion:  < 1%
  • Phone talking: yes
  • Dimension: 90*90*90mm
  • Colour/Finish  black and white Color
  • Voltage 5V

Box Contents

Inside the box you get speaker, one audio cable 3.5mm and one MicroUSB to USB 2.0 Cable.


Build Quality, Design and Form Factor


The build quality of these speakers is really nice as they feel solid in terms of build, the material used is matte finish and rubberized in nature so they give you a better grip and also because of the right dimensions they are big but still you can easily hold and carry in one hand when you are on the go. The design of these speakers are in the form of a cube which looks great with a nice looks design pattern of square nicely embossed on the speakers. The light weight of these speaker and adequate size make them good enough to be used as portable speakers.

Sound Quality, Loudness and Bass Levels

The over all sound quality from these speakers is great, although we did not expected but when I tested the speakers, I was amazed by the sound quality both times at the sound playback and call receiving. The loudness is also on the higher level then you might expect in the speaker of such size and form factor and it was one of the most impressive point for us. The BASS levels of the sound coming out form the speakers were but not something exceptional but considering price and portability factor of these speakers its good.

Connectivity, Loudspeaker Call Quality and Battery Backup

The connectivity is provided on these speakers with bluetooth and wired both, so that you can use this speakers with almost any bluetooth enables smart phone, tablet or PC as well. Pairing is easy and one click thing,  as you do not need to enter the code to pair a device with these speakers. During the review process, when I picked the call from the phone in the middle of song playing the sound from the speakers was good and clear. The battery backup of the speakers on an average was around 4-5 hours, we did played some music continuously but it did lasted for around 5 hours but not more.

Magic Cube Speakers Photo Gallery

IMG_0657 IMG_0656IMG_0658IMG_0659IMG_0661IMG_0663

What We Liked

  • Great design
  • Light Weight
  • Loud Volume

What We Did Not Liked

  • Bass levels

Conclusion and Price

The price at which these speakers are retailing online is Rs. 3499 which is quite worth the overall features, form factor and sound quality these speakers give you but considering the battery backup it could have been better and should be around 7-8 with a higher rating battery which we might see in the next version of these speakers.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.