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BenQ launches Eye Care range of monitors starting at Rs. 6,900

For the health conscious consumers BenQ India has launched a series of Eye Friendly monitor in India which can help you to reduce strain on your eyes by incorporating a flicker free technology.


The 24” EW2440 and the 27” EW2740 monitors, with Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Technologies. These new generation MHL monitors allow you to connect your mobile devices for enhanced multimedia experience.

CVC or Computer Vision Syndrome is a common ailment caused by prolonged exposure to computer screen for long time. BenQ have eliminated flicker from their monitors and have included different modes which cut glare and significantly reduce blue LED light emissions which have shown to be detrimental to the eye.

“It’s our eye-care commitment,” said Country Head for BenQ India, Rajeev Singh “It’s a matter of ‘eyegonomics’ which makes our range superior in terms of eye comfort and general optical health,” he said.

According to Dr. Rasheena Bansal, See ‘n’ Smile Children Eye care, Consultant, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Today we are surrounded by laptop, tablets, smartphones and PC at our offices. Prolonged usage of these devices may cause eye strain and blurred vision resulting in Computer Vision Syndrome. Since we can’t avoid technology we must make sure we are using the right technology to avoid CVS, such as anti-glare glasses, flicker free technology enabled screens and ergonomic solutions to ensure proper seating posture amongst others. I am glad that today we have such effective solutions that can curtail the risk of CVS amongst the users”

These monitors are free of flicker regardless of the brightness level and this is the reason, and for further reducing eye-fatigue users may also use different low blue light modes to reduce harmful blue light emission significantly and prevent macular degeneration, including the Multimedia Mode, Web Surfing Mode, Office Mode and Reading Mode.

The EW2440L, EW2740L, GW2760HS, VL2040AZ for home and entertainment purpose, these are priced at Rs 18,000, Rs 25,000, Rs 21,000 and Rs 6,900 respectively.


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