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Sony USB OTG Drive connects to your Computer and Smartphone

Sony have revealed a new product named as USB OTG which is nothing but a pen-drive having 2 ports in it. Usually in a normal USB drive you have a USB port at one end but this device has a micro-USB port at the other end too. So, you can use it as a pen-drive from one end and an external storage media for your smartphone on the other end.


This device can be really useful if you do not have the option to increase the memory size on your smartphone, or if you have already crossed the limits. This device when plugged into your smartphone will act as a temporary drive from which any file can be accessed.

This is something innovative done by Sony and it jells with the current demand of the users for increasing the space on their smartphones. Obviously there are number of movies of seasons which do not want to store in your phone all the time and if you are a professional then there is always a pen drive in your bag.

As you can see from images that USB port of the device is always out in open but the micro-USB is a secret. Moreover the price of the device is also very nominal (keeping in mind that this is the first of its kind), though you will get a USB-drive at 1/3rd its price.

The 8GB model which is the most basic model starts from Rs. 746, then you have a 16 GB model which is priced at Rs. 1,399 which is almost the double and then lastly you have the 32 GB model which is priced at Rs. 2,633. You can either go for it or wait till you see most of these by many other brands like Kingston or Transcend.


Abhinav Singh

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