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Why a Windows Smartphone is the Best Option under Rs. 18,000

Android is the most popular mobile OS these days and users are very happy with it. The only problem it faces is lack of fluidity in its UI or in simple words it has problem of UI lag. Now this problem can be dealt with high-end powerful processor which are available in the flagship device, but then what will happen to the low-end devices wherein you cannot find the Snapdragon 800 Quad Core processor.


The answer is pretty simple to this which is huge UI lag issues and most of the users would have experienced it also. Even though you Micromax, Karbonn and Lava use Mediatek Quad Core processors which are much better than what Samsung has to offer in their products under the same price segment but still UI Lag is a big issue in Android and after sometime, it starts killing your device.

Now, the very obvious question you will have in your mind is then what will be the best smartphone in the low-price segment (below Rs. 18,000). As per our opinion, the answer will be a Windows Phone OS based smartphone. Now there are 2 usual problems related to Windows Smartphones, which users usually complain about.

First one, is the design of Nokia Lumia, most of the users prefer to have a curved body shaped smartphone rather than having a square device. This is the problem which we have actually received from most of our readers. Secondly, the number of applications are less for the users. Now taking on the second problem I would say that Windows already has all the important and famous applications and if you are not a geek then they are usual applications which are used over all the other smartphones.


So, don’t go by the generic statement because all the applications which you will be using are there on the Windows smartphone. The best part about Windows OS is that they do not need a powerful processor to run smoothly and believe me that it will not lag even after 2 years.

This is the primary reason of recommending the readers a Windows smartphone when they choose a smartphone below the price make of Rs. 18,000. Moreover, where the UI of Android and iOS are almost the same, Windows OS will come as a news experience to you and you will surely enjoy it. Please, let us know your opinion about it.

33 thoughts on “Why a Windows Smartphone is the Best Option under Rs. 18,000”

  1. Nice info!

    I had a concern whether brands apart from Samsung, Nokia, Micromax,
    other brands like – Xolo, Karbon, Gionee, etc, etc, etc does such brand mobile phones are durable ??

    And do they offer appropriate after sales service ??

  2. Moto G is a very good option if you are planning to buy an Android device below the price of Rs. 20,000. But you should know that after a certain period of time (1 year or more than that) you might the issues described in the article above.

  3. Well, the brands you have mentioned are offering really good Android devices these days. Let us take Gionee as an example, its Elife E7 is way better than Nexus 5 in terms of hardware specifications. So, users may be willing to buy this device over Nexus 5 but then there is problem which you have already talked about.. that is After sales service.
    I cannot just say that when you are buying the smartphone of such brands then make sure that their service center is located near-by, so that even if you had to visit that place again and again then at-least distance should not be a problem for you.

  4. Yes Abhinav, hardware specifications is obviously better, but the question is – Is it durable ??

    n hwz Gionee P2 camera ?
    Do u suggest Gionee phone ?

    (Gionee service center is near my home)

  5. Value for money!! but again UI lag will eat up the phone within 1 year.
    At this price it will be hard to go for a better Android device.

    So, if you are expecting a longer life from the device then go for Nokia Asha series device.

  6. First of all thanks Abhinav, atleast ur replying to visitors queries. I have seen many mobile phone blog owner but they just don’t care about the visitors, very rarely they reply & hence we lose the interest in going to their blog again n again.

    You interaction with me had made me more frequent visitor to ur blog n as I also own a blog (niche is different), so I know how important is this.

    Anyways, but can I get the application in Nokia Asha as we have an option in Android ??

  7. Thanks Vineet!! We try our best to resolve the issues!!
    Asha series Nokia devices a store for the Applications which is similar to Google Play Store on Android smartphones.
    So, you may not find a large number of applications over Asha platform OS but most of the popular applications are there for that OS. Whatsapp will be there. Dont Worry!!

  8. Hi Abhinav , I want to buy a windows mobile with HD amoled display. Can you please suggest me any good mobile. My budget is 15k.

  9. Hi Himanshu,
    When we are talking about Windows Phone, then I think we are talking about Nokia smartphones, where battery will never be a problem for you. In the specified range by you, you have got only 2 options which are Nokia Lumia 720 and Nokia Lumia 625.
    and if we look at the specifications closely then Nokia Lumia 625 wins the bet. So go for Nokia Lumia 625.

  10. Hi Abhinav!
    I am planning to buy my first smartphone. I am a very basic user who uses phone only for calls, texting and mainly for Music. I want a phone which is durable, having a good battery life and gives good Music playtime. Which device should I go for- Moto G or Nokia Lumia 525? My budget is below Rs. 15,000.

  11. Well Deepika, the budget of Rs. 15000 seems to be really good as per your requirements from a smartphone.
    Now if you want to keep that phone for the maximum time possible like 4 years and more, then go for Windows device, because Windows Phone devices are stable and they dont lag (or get slow).
    Moreover, you already said that you are a basic user so if you like the design of the smartphone, then Windows Device from Nokia will be the BEST OPTION here. (because I presume that you will be new to the world of applications, so less number of applications on Windows Phone will not be problem for you).
    Android should not be considered at all, I will suggest that your second smartphone should be an Android device. Consider your choice between Nokia Lumia 720 and Nokia Lumia 525.

    But if you are sure that you will change your device after 1 or 2 years, then you can experiment with Android also.

    I am sure!! that my advice will help you. 🙂

    You can keep asking unless you are not sure which phone to choose.

  12. Ok. Yes, I want a phone whose performance doesn’t degrade in the long run. So, now I will definitely go for either of the two Nokia devices that you have mentioned.
    Thanks a lot for your helpful advice!!!

  13. Bro., Is Canvas Magnus fine…..
    i bought it., bt aftr seeing ur review i felt some wat……..
    can u pls Explain..

  14. I tnk of presenting Moto G or Canvas A200 ( after their launches) to my brother….
    but both my choices are from Android as my bro is an Android verian… And he used to hav his mobyl for more than 3 yrs… pls suggest some thing within 15K………. Tanq. 🙂

  15. Canvas magnus or any micromax phones are much better phones – till the time you face any issues with the phone.

  16. My Canvas Magnus and some othr magnus users are facing issues like Volume and Screen fluctuations like- Sound automatically increases & decreases while hearing songs., and the brightness automatically increases to Max & comes to Min., even wen economical backlit is enabled……… 🙁 Can u pls help me in solving this issues… Pls sir & Tanx… 🙁 🙂

  17. Get it checked at the service centers, we havent reviewed the device much so wont be able to tell you our opinion on these issues.

  18. Hi there,
    i own a,lumia 520 since it was launched in April last year and i am greatly satisfied with the device.although the memory is over 75% full, the ui shows no lag,whatsoever. Also the camera is decent for daylight clicks. Battery is ok – manages to go on for a day. the sound output is awesome (i use jbl headphones; the bundled nokia are trashy).

    was planning to go,in for Micromax, Karbonn or Xolo but didn’t have the courage after i read awful after sales services of these guys.

    plan to upgrade to a 625 (larger screen, decent 5mpx camera) or 720 (clearer but smaller screen, awesome 6.7 mpx camera) soon.

    thanks for the good reviews on the site.,already bookmarked it.will keep coming back.

    (ps: very nice of you to respond to user queries. Keep up the good work. Best wishes)

  19. i am going to buy my first smart phone. But i realy confused between two phones in 11k budget samsung galaxy s duos 2 and nokia lumia 525. so can you help me?

  20. How good to buy Lumia 625 over 720? Prime use will be accessing outlook emails as well as visiting some of the websites, no more gaming n reading ebooks also…

    thanks in adv

  21. dear blogger…….
    my question is that how important is ram ? for eg 520 has 512mb whereas 525 has 1gb ram…..

  22. my question is that how important is RAM in smart phones ?
    Is it better to buy lumia625 over any other phone with 1GB RAM?
    Could you please kindly reply as soon as possible?

  23. Ram is important. You can refer to previous comment to get some idea. Windows phone do not tend to show lag even with 512 MB Ram. Same s not true for Android. But among Lumia devices it would be better to go with 1 GB RAM option as several high end features in Nokia Black update and other future updates will be restricted to devices with 1 GB RAM

  24. ur blog is awsome for users like us who face difficulty buying windowz or android mobile. so plz tell me that should i go for lumia 525 or moto g or some other in budget of 12k. also 525 lumia has 1gb ram so is it better?

  25. Hi, i want to buy phone under Rs.16,000/-
    my requirements are FHD Screen, quad core processor, 1gb ram, Full HD video recording, 16GB storage & most important 5.5 inch or 6 inch screen pls tell & i prefer to go with good branch phone.

  26. hey abhinav..,
    i ve been using lumia 520,since its launch..n nw wish to change my mobile..i want a mob with a bigger screen, n a good budget is within 17000…help me whether to choose btwn android or windows..

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