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Samsung reveals High Performing and Low Power 4GB of DDR4 RAM

When we talk about Android devices then we are highly concerned about the processors and RAM which are being used by them because they are solely responsible in controlling the UI Lag on them. Cameras, Displays, Inbuilt memory and dimensions of the devices are on the secondary priority. Recently Samsung has unveiled their new development in RAM Memory which is known as DDR4 RAM.


Till now we have been talking about DDR3 RAM which were the best and only used in the flagship devices but new version of RAM revealed by Samsung gives a good boost to the power of an Android smartphone. DDR5 RAM is being used on the gaming consoles like Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One but as mentioned before smartphone never experience anything above DDR3.

The actual chip developed by Samsung has 4GB of low power DDR4 RAM which has been created by combining four of the 8Gb chips. As per the data received from the dry run of the device , DDR4 RAM offer 50% higher performance as compared to the DDR3 RAM and at 1.1 Volts uses only 40% of the energy. This is something really great of the Android devices because they are mostly dealing with the problems related to high battery drain and laggy-performance.

Let us see that which will be the first smartphone to come up with this RAM, we do not expect it to be available on Samsung Galaxy S5 because as per the rumors the mass-production of those devices has already started but this RAM has revealed recently. May be the next version of Galaxy Note Series of phablets will have this. Stay tuned to know about it.



Abhinav Singh

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