Account Info and Phone Numbers of 4.6 Million Snapchat users Leaked Online

Days after an Australian firm Gibson Security warned Snapchat about an exploit in its mobile app, a website named released a database consisting of usernames and corresponding mobile numbers of 4.6 million Snapchat users.


The SnapchatDB claimed that the reason for doing so, is to warn Snapchat to wake up and give the security and privacy of its userbase due attention. The website also explained that they just wanted to highlight the security flaw and thus blurred the last two digits of the mobile phone numbers.


The Gibson Security has declined any involvement with SnapchatDB in its tweet. The website has now been taken offline. Snapchat did add some security measures to protect user data but that, obviously were not strong enough. The exploit is still available.

Snapchat has drastically grown in popularity in last few months and their reluctance to patch the security exploit will definitely put a kink in its growth chart. If you a Snapchat user, you can check if your account information was compromised by visiting the “GS Lookup – Snapchat” a helpful tool created by Will Smidlein and Robbie Trencheny.