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Xolo partnered with Liverpool for 3-seasons worth Rs.100 crore

Cricket has always been loved by Indians but slowly and slowly the craze of Football is also growing in the country and all this is because of youngsters which are taking huge interest in different football clubs and watching their games. Believe me, if you are in Bengaluru or Kolkata you will find large number of football fans there and that number can even beat the number of cricket fans. Keeping the same perspective in mind, the Indian firm Xolo have gone ahead and singed up to become the official mobile handset partner of Liverpool.


But this is not global rather it is only across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. The contract has been signed till May 2016 (for 3 seasons). If we look at the pattern of their partnership then trend has been successful till now. Their partnership with Intel to get the new processor cased products and then nVidia for their Tegra series of processors have been fruitful in terms of sales of their smartphones and tablets.

Now the question which can come to your mind is that how this partnership can be fruitful for you because this is really rare if Liverpool comes to India to play any match. So, the most obvious benefits for the Xolo Users can be the chance of meeting any of the popular player from the club Liverpool. Availability of Liverpool Mechandise (football lovers are usually mad about this), chance to visit tournaments, coaching camps and more.

As per our opinion this deal is good and will attract lots of focus from the youth as they are one of the major segments to be considered as the major users of the smartphones.


Abhinav Singh

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