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Fluid Motion reveals Gesture-based drones at Auto-Expo 2014

As per the rumors, last year it was believed that Dominos will be coming up to deliver their pizzas using drones but then it was just a rumor. Recently in the Auto Expo, you must have seen that automatic and gesture-controlled drones were used at the launch of a new bike by Hero Motocorp. Well, the same kind of drones must have been seen by you in few of the recent Hollywood movies but the gesture technology used by Fluid Motion has done wonders to these drones.


While it is also in the news that Amazon is also planning to continue their delivery service using the automatic drones as it tends to offer a huge efficiency in their delivery operations but you never know that when they are actually planning to enroll that proposal. These new gesture-controlled drones by Fluid Motion are the newest product in their category.

Obviously, this is a new concept and as per the dramatic revelation of the Hero Moto Corp bike it seems that more of the firms will be using such techniques in the future. The main crunch with this new product is the new gesture based software, which actually transforms them into the mechanical movements of the motors attached in the devices. So, frankly speaking these were just drones but they can be incorporated in any of the new machineries.

We, personally we felt that they were really good and if not the business then atleast Bollywood can make a very good use of it. Let us see when they will be revealing their new product with their unique style again.

Fluid Motion Gesture Drone Launch of Hero Hastur [Video]


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