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Wickedleak to launch a robust and Waterproof Smartphone [Images]

Since, February 20th Wickedleak has been posting images describing that your smartphone cannot bear the water damages. We all know that Water is a big enemy of your smartphone warranty, the moment service center come to know that the damage to your device was done due to water, they void the warranty and charge you huge amount of money for you repairs.


As per the images posted by Wickedleak it seems that they are planning to release a new device which will be robust to deal with such problems, but then this will not be the first of its kind because we have already seen this feature in Sony Xperia ZL. Obviously the device launched by Wickedleak will way cheaper and the users who just don’t buy these Android smartphone because of its delicate feature can now go for these devices.


Those same images have been posted below, where you can see the image of this ‘to-be-released’ device. Stay Tuned to know about this device. If it can bear cold drink, coffee and other fluids, then it is actually worth getting your attention.

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