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Moto G: 3 Ways to fix WiFi, 3G Data Connectivity Issues after 4.4.2 Update

Motorola’s most successful phone Moto G is a bestseller in emerging markets worldwide and now the guaranteed Kitkat update has also arrived for the smartphone. However its glory is tainted by several bugs which came along with the Android Kitkat 4.4.2 update and are now pestering several Moto G users Globally including Indian users.


Many users are reporting intermittent loss of signal while switching on the data connection. Some users are reporting automatic switching to Airplane mode and failed SIM card detection. While our review unit of Moto G did not encounter any such issue on kitkat, Motorola forums are filled up from queries by agitated users.

Motorola has acknowledged and accepted the problem. The company has also released a firmware update to version 174.44.1 which has solved the problem for many users but not all of them. The company is also working on the next update to fix this problem for everyone.

You can check if the update is available for your device in Settings>> About phone>> System Update. The signal issue also includes pop up error messages while trying to make calls, the process “” has stopped.

The next update would at least take a few more weeks before Motorola beams it globally, Mostly CDMA users are not affected by this issue. The update is mostly affecting 3G Data users and many users have resolved these frustrating errors by switching to 2G networks. To summarize, you can adopt the following 3 methods to resolve this issue until the next Moto G update arrives.

What you can do to Resolve these issues?

1) Try rebooting your device, most of the times this will resolve the issue- at least temporarily

2) You can install the new firmware update from Motorola if you haven’t already. Check if the update is available for your model by taping into Settings>> About phone>> System Update

3) Switch to 2G Network by following these steps:  Settings>> More>> Mobile Networks >> use 2G networks

55 thoughts on “Moto G: 3 Ways to fix WiFi, 3G Data Connectivity Issues after 4.4.2 Update”

  1. Hi, I have just bought Motorola MOTO G (Currently having 4.4 OS), and I am completely new to android device.

    Now I was browsing for applications/games/music in the Google Play Store, and I noticed that my data usage jumped very high. I played around and made a test, I browsed 2-3 apps (not download) (some of these have screenshots, there’s preview video but I don’t play the video), and just after that quick browsing, my data usage increased by 8-10 MB.

    Is my phone behaving properly? When I go to data usage, it’s reporting google play store as the highest usage and the majority of it comes from foreground app (this means it’s my browsing?).

    Is browsing in google play store really take up a lot of data usage? Or is it just my new phone?

    Note that this isn’t about application updates, I disabled all updates except when connected to Wi-Fi.

  2. try web surfing and note the data consumption. It is more likely the playstore images, etc that you viewed

  3. Motorola update has not yet arrived. Only rare few people are affected. Flipkart is offering 30 days replacement period and that’s enough time to test your phone. if any issue comes you can get it easily replaced.

  4. Deepak over two days i m facing this weird issue of non functioning of my google services over my wifi….i read about it….i cleared data cache….time error etc….bt no solution…..secondly my phone isnt rooted..

  5. I brought MOTO G 5 days back ….phone automatically goes to airplane mode …What to do ?

  6. Manjeet Singh Ahlawat

    on moderate to heavy g battery will last for how many years means its non removable battery will be a problem after some time or not…how much years moto g will survive and if after some years its battery backup will go down will motorola peoples wil fix it….plz reply

  7. we are not sure about the exact duration it will last. But it wont be a trouble for about 2 years. Yes Motorola can replace it but we dont know how much money it will cost you or for how much time you will have to part with your device.

  8. Hello,

    I have brought Moto G CDMA version, How to check network setting for data usuage…Hybrid ,EvDo, 1x.. I dont even find any such available in the setting tab. Here in my coverage other twon phones are able to connect EvDo but my Moto G still latches with the 1x coverage , resulting in very poor speed due to which most of the times it is buffering only.
    Pls suggest ..I heard about the Hidden Menus apps …can I use it for the data configuration ??

  9. I have motorola RAZR M XT907, reliance CDMA after kitkat 4.4.2 update not able get data(internet) using Mobile data connection. Previous version, of jelly bean 4.1.2, there was no such problem. Please help me.

  10. Hi, I bought moto g , 2months back…im having broblem in connecting wifi….broadband. other mobil and tab gets connected easily….moto G is taking two to three hrs to get connected…..wat will be the problem….can any one help me…im using 4.4.2 kitkat o.s

  11. hii mr. deepak i bought an moto g dual sim from flipkart my phone loose the network automaticley i inserte cutting sim… is this sim creating a problem or not my network goes and it does not come again i have reinserte the sim then it works fine whats the issue??? plz tell me what should i do???

  12. you should try updating it. If no update is available for your device, get it replaced by flipkart

  13. plz tell me is this phone problem or sim because i visit many site regarding this issue also motorola thread they said it is sim problem due to bad cutting advise me to use new micro sim what should i do replace the phone or not????

  14. Hi ,
    This is sreedhar. I purchased Moto g(16 GB) GSM through flipkart, Once i got the mobile, i inserted micro sim, After inserted micro sim,it showing sim operator, but unable to detect network/network signals. I tried to couple of times like sim removing and inserting,but no luck to detect the signals by moto g mobile.
    What setting do i need to do to detect network signals.
    Please help me.

  15. there are some faulty Moto G without register IMEI numbers. Contact flipkart they will replace it or offer you full refung

  16. Thanks Deepak, how can we know that this new mobile IMEI registered or not, is there any site available to check for this.

  17. Contact Flipkart. If IMEI number on the box starts with 3533, its probably unregistered. There is not a strict rule there are exceptions also

  18. I cannot start my 3 g net package on my moto g. When I opened net data the phone is not opening google google + App Store etc any website but they can be opened through wifi. Please tell me how to start 3G on my phone.

  19. My phone tells me no network connection when I open website using net data web pages load easily on wifi and how much I try they are not opening through data muh phone moto g is updated to 4.4 kit Kat. I don’t know the problem I have tried every thing on phone but the websites are not opening on 3 g tell me is there any minor problem or should I get it replaced.

  20. reset your phone. Try another SIM. If problem persist get it replaced. or else, just get it replaced

  21. Thanks Deepak, after registered IMEI in indian operators, my mobile able to get network signals,its working fine. But next to the sim signals its displaying some times H ,some time times H+,very few time E. is there any problem in mobile beside signal lines,its showing H or H+ or E. what is this H,H+, E

  22. I am trying to search for this issue that I am facing but no luck so far. Hoping that this is something others have also seen and could give their 2c worth.
    I happened to notice a beep every 5 mins or so and the display showing a “Playing sound” pop-up for a very brief moment before disappearing.
    Anyone seen or heard that before?

  23. Hi,

    I got my Moto G today only. It came with android 4.4.2 kit kat version. When i inserted the sim. The network shows full. But it is not showing any 3g icon on the network bar. Even after turning on the data plan from every possible location. I am not able to access the internet or see a 3g notification. Same is happening when i put the sim in the 2nd sim slot. Please help. What should i do?

  24. plz try another SIM card possibly from another operater. There might be problems with configuration settings send by operator

  25. Hi,
    I bought a moto G and at least one a day signal goes off. I see signal bar has full signal but there is no incoming or outgoing calls, sms. I use dual SIM and have data pack on SIM 1.
    I am also not able to use 3G data. Wifi other are working fine. I find issues only with signal and this happens on some time one network and some time on both network.

  26. hi,i bought moto g (8gb),15 days back ……………….i have 2048 mb……….i went to seeting and turned my mobile networks on………………..and opened the play store and i downloaded whats app………………after the download……… i opened whats app and for verification it asked my my mobile no with code……and i entered it………….after tht it showed connection………..after a while also it didnt end up……….it was going on connecting………………………i dont knw wht th problem is……………………….pls help me………………

  27. my moto g mobile is suddenly going to airplane mode and it is not working wifi properly connecting and discounting very irritaing what i can do plss tell

  28. deepak i bought my moto g 4 days back.i updated it to 4.4.4 android version and since then i m not able to connect to my home wifi …what to do ? should i get it replaced??

  29. Please try connecting it with other wifi first. Also make it forget your home network and reconnect. If it is still not working get it replaced.

  30. hi,
    i bought recently moto g but im unable to create a google account using mobile data as it asks me to switch on Wifi. Please help me how change these settings?

  31. hi iam kevin

    i had bought my moto g 2nd generation and i have dont no how to connect the internet in this so please help me

  32. hi, i’m having moto g 2nd gen, afetr selecting 3G from preferred network type still E is showing next to the signal bar. Please help!

  33. rmanna55

    My moto g 2gen mobail bet from Filipkart 2 months before. My mobail when I on wi fi is connected but web page is open . there have only show wi fi and data connection is off.

  34. Disables network automatically,,,now i am in lollipop,,i cant use internet,,,automatically stops internet too…how many more it takes to solve the problem and when the update will come???

  35. i have a moto e mobile last two days only my mobile has connected in wifi but amn’t able to work in networks. how do reduce this problem?

  36. hi I had the moto 3G on flight mode, after arrival turned flight mode off, sent some what’s apps, received 2calls within half hour in the cab and then about 20 minutes later when I tried to send a text saw that the phone not working. It says SIM card slot empty for both whereas both are inserted, it’s also saying trying to connect to wifi but basically it’s disabled, not allowing me to click/unclick on anything. I’ve switched on n off, I’ve removed the cards n rebooted, I’ve tried removing my SIM cards n restarting with another SIM card but there’s no change. This is the 2nd bad experience with moto 3G in less than a month, the first one had a software issue within hours n flip kart finally replaced in 12 days, now This problem again. Please advise asap. Thanks

  37. I have recently brought Moto G CDMA SIM based through E bay , I opened the box and understood that it is jail break version and is resisted fro US cellular.

    Here I am using Reliance CDMA sim , voice calling is happening but 3G is not working even after activating 3 G pack can any body help

  38. how can.i change h symbol to h+symbol on moto 2nd gen 4g. ..because h+ for speed downloading and see online videos

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