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Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Samples

Samsung is not fighting any Megapixel war with its new flagship phone Galaxy S5, but Megapixels don’t mean much in flagship smartphones. The Samsungs latest offering has a 16 MP camera and thanks to that many pixels the images will show high amount of details even after you crop them.



The rear camera can record 4K video and you can enjoy them if you have a 4K TV at home. The front 2 MP shooter is also capable of full HD video chat. The sensor is quite large at 1/ 2.6 Inch with 1.12 micrometer pixel size.



Samsung has used ISOCELL technology sensor, which implies 30 percent more capacity for light absorbtion and less interference between adjacent pixels. Samsung also claims it to be one of the fastest with only 0.3 seconds required to fire a shot.



The camera performed fairly well in our low light test but in our first impressions, the HTC One M8 was better in terms of colors. Of course galaxy S5 is expected to give better details when you blow up the image on bigger displays and when you crop them. The software includes features like selective focus, Pan 360 and several other effects which Samsung has not highlighted much.

More Camera Samples of Samsung Galaxy S5

20140327_144508  20140327_144617  20140327_144634   20140327_144719 20140327_144723  20140327_144738

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