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Jolla’s Sailfish OS made to work on the Google Nexus 4

Finland’s Jolla have been grabbing headlines for quite some time now, thanks to their self-named device, the Jolla smartphone. Not only that, the OS that the device runs – Sailfish OS – has generated quite a bit of interest among non-Jolla communities too.


Following Xiaomi along their lines (of releasing MIUI for non-Xiaomi devices), Jolla have announced that ‘early adopters’ of the Sailfish OS can now flash the firmware on their Google Nexus 4 handsets. Jolla said in a blog post that the company sent emails to the early adopters with links and instructions on how they could get Sailfish OS up and running on their Nexus 4 smartphones. As you would expect, this comes with a disclaimer which clearly states that the Sailfish OS is a WIP (work in progress) project.


This installation image is for early adopters only, meaning we know that some things are not functional or perhaps even broken — please see release notes below. We think it’s worth sharing already now to get all of you properly included in the early stages of the project.

TheJollaBlog also points out that the company is working on a similar release for the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE for the future, however, there is no ETA provided at the moment.

Sailfish OS is basically a unix-like OS with a load of different features added by the Jolla team.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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