Moto G is the one of the hotest selling smartphone around and since it is selling in huge numbers, several bugs and problems have been identified which are plaguing Moto G users worldwide. Good thing is that Motorola has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix, but before that happens, we can take advantage of huge Motorola community worldwide and discuss some of the fixes.


Two steps you must follow before you fret about Moto G issues:

1)Reboot your Moto G- Just turn off your smartphone and restart it. As simple as it may seem, it can solve several software calibration issues and make your phone behave.

2)Reboot in Safe Mode – If problem persists after rebooting, test it in safe mode. To enter safe mode,

– long press Power button

– Now long press the Power Off option

– Press Ok to enter Safe Mode when prompted

In safe Mode, all third party apps will stop working. Run it in safe mode for a few hours and if the glitch seems to have vanished, you will know that third party app or apps are to blame.

Lets now discuss a few other Moto G problems which might be bothering you along with some fixes.

1) Battery Percentage Unstable


Your battery percentage might be suddenly jumping to any number from 0 to 100 or it might drain overnight to less than 10 percent without anything taxing it. To get around this issue, let your battery drain to zero and then charge it to 100 percent. Repeat the process while your battery learns calibration. This will solve your erratic battery behavior issue. You could also try the safe Mode approach mentioned earlier to eliminate any third party App that you downloaded, as a possible culprit

2) SIM card not detected

If your Moto G is not detecting SIM card after KitKat Update, Motorola is working on this issue. Meanwhile, you must test it with a different SIM card to know for sure that your SIM card is not faulty. Especially if you are using a micro SIM with an Adaptor to convert it into a Namo SIM, test it with a Nano SIM.


If you are running Android 4.4 KitKat, Turn off your 3G/ 2G Data connection to temporarily solve this issue.

3) Camera Not Starting

If you are using preloaded camera App and it is crashing frequently after update or if it is not launching at all. Follow these steps

– Go to Settings>>Apps>> Camera

– Hit Force stop, clear cache and clear data


This is akin to reinstalling your camera app, only faster and will solve your camera issues. Make sure to try the safe mode first as mentioned at the start, to eliminate the possibility of a third party app which deals with camera (Like Chat messengers), messing things up

4) Screen is going blank and rebooting

This is one of the most common problems being reported on faulty Moto G phones and there is not much to do. Motorola is expected to deal with it in its next firmware update. Many users have worked around this issue by doing a full factory reset.


– Go to settings >> Backup and Reset

– Tap the Factory Reset option, but back up important data as you will lose it after this clean swipe.

5) LED Notification not working


Some users have reported that their LED notification light is not working and doesn’t blink when they receive notifications. The problem can be easily solved by downloading and installing Motorola’s Notification Light Widget. Once done, you can remove it and your LED lights will keep working.

6) Battery is taking too long to Charge

If your Moto G battery is taking too long to charge, it’s hardware issue. You need to replace your USB cable and try a new cable with output rating between 500 mA and 1.5 A.

Try the new cable after completely discharging the device and let in remain switched off for about 20 minutes when you plug it in with the new cable.

7) Problem side-loading apps

Side loading apps is one of the major advantages of Android eco system. The first thing to do is go to Settings>> Security >> tick the box allowing apps from unknown sources


In case you have already done that and obtain a parse error while side loading Apk file, first try to reinstall apk and check if the app is compatible with your smartphone.

You can also try loading the APK on google drive and directly installing it from there. If your Moto G is rooted, you could download ES File Explorer and check the “Install APK automatically” option from menu.

8) Dropped WiFi Connection

Some Moto G users have been experiencing erratic behavior of WiFi after KitKat update. This could be due to several reasons and your smartphone might not be the problem. Still you can try installing a firm ware update which Motorola recently released.

– Go to Settings>> About phone>> System Update. It will show you if the update is available for your model

– You can also Switch to 2G Network by following these steps: Settings>> More>> Mobile Networks >> use 2G networks. This has resolved this issue for some users

– Check your router and if MAC filtering is off

9) Speaker Audio is not Loud and clear

As the speakers are present at the back, you can expect some sound to be muffled when it is resting on the back. Try the audio quality with a good stereo headset. If you are still dissatisfied by what you hear,


– You can go to settings >>Sound>>Audio Effect

– You can now toggle with sound profiles to find the one which suits your taste

10) It is Making Weird Noises

Some users are complaining that their Moto G is making weird sound, especially when it vibrates. In case it sounds excessive you should contact Moto care. You can also try a Moto G case which will protect your phone from any physical damage.

To get rid of the annoying sound you could do the following

– Go to Settings>> Sound

– Turn off ‘Vibrate on Touch’ and ‘Vibrate when ringing’

– Go to Settings >> Language and input >> Google Keyboard Settings and turn Vibrate on key press off.

Should i still buy Moto G?

In spite of all these issues, Moto G is a decent performer. You can find such bugs across all brands including big guns like Samsung and Apple. Good thing is that because of vast Community support and large number of users, you can expect Motorola to push timely updates. Most of the problems that users face will be due to third party apps. In case you are planning on buying Moto G, you could go ahead and buy it and get it replaced in first 30 days if you get a faulty handset. You could also wait for the bug fixes to arrive before for a few weeks before installing KitKat update.

The Author spent a significant chunk of his formative years resisting technology. He now keeps an eye on where the world is heading to, and drives a passive pleasure from this indulgence. His passion to write, learn and improve drives him each day. When his day ends, he enjoys the pleasant languor and detoxifies with family. You can connect with him on and Twitter


  1. Hello sir,
    On moderate to heavy usage Moto g will last for how may years for sure as it is having a non removable battery…if after a period of time battery drain off permanently will moto people will fit a new one.
    plz just waiting for ur advice before buying…coz i want a phone which is long lasting for atleast 4 years…and want moto g only..will it survive on extremly heavy usuage…

  2. I have a hearing problems while calling(No ring hears). After restart, the problem will be solved..
    But it always occurs after hearing songs or videos… PLS PLS Tell me any solution

  3. hi, i need some help. is there any way we can make the radio play on speaker phone on MOTO G. also, the provided headphones have a problem. they work on other devices, but on moto g, only one of them works.. please help as soon as possible.

    thank you

  4. My sister had a problem where 3/4 of the screen would be blue, no matter what, even turning on and off. Also it would ‘drag’ (meaning if it went to the side or moved up in settings, the text would still appear where it originally was for around 5-10 seconds). I factory resetted the phone for her, but it still was the same. Eventually it was taken back to where it was bought from and exchanged for a samsung galaxy fame (they had ran out of stock for the moto g and this was her first phone). Did anyone else have this problem? Nobody else seems to have had the problem when it was researched

  5. hi, i have a problem in my moto g . i couldn’t sign in play store or any google account in my moto g it shows “there was aproblem communicating google server try again later”

  6. Hi , i have a problem in moto g . whenever i reboot my phone . my downloded apps lost . i dnt understand what happning . pls help me

    • umm that’s strang, are you using a third party launcher? try using google now to open those lost app, to know if they are still on your phone. If they are try another launcher.

  7. Hi my new moto g won’t charge when its on. I have to charge it while off. And when a switch it on while charging it continues to charge. If I unplug and plug it in again then it won’t charge. Is there a fix for this?

  8. Hi,I got moto g one week back after two days sometimes apps are going to invisible.after restarting the mobile It becomes normal.can anybody suggest me to replace it or any other solution.

  9. Hi,I got moto g one week back after two days sometimes apps are going to invisible.after restarting the mobile It becomes normal.can anybody suggest me to replace it or any other solution.

  10. Hi,
    I was having issue with the mobile network from the day of purchase. Sometime the mobile network used to get unavailable, while removing and inserting the sim again used to work. It was happening with both the slot. more with the sim1 slot, so I was using it sim2 (using single sim only). Yesterday I updated my phone with kitkat 4.4.4 . It was still working , today morning there was no network , I tried reinserting the sim in both the slots, restated several times. still network is still unavailable.

    I would like to mention , other than this problem, This mobile meets all my expectations and beyond, I still suggest this phone to others, this is a very durable phone, better than Samsung , The splash proof (nano-particle coating) works just fine. I am using without screen guard for 2 months, no scratches yet.

  11. My phone was having problem in both the sim slot from day one, Yesterday after upgrading it to kitkat4.4.4 . It was still working , til today when I lost the connectivity. I reinserted the sim as I was usually doing with this phone whenever I lost connectivity. But this time its not coming back, , using any of the slot, even after several restart, also in safeboot. Please help !

    Still I recommend this phone, other than this issue, it has met all my expectations and beyond.

  12. Hi, In My Moto G, when i dialed #, its not recognising. For eg. if i type *123# and dial, it should be called as a USSD code, instead my phone omits the # and it calls to *123, is there any solution for this?

  13. hi, i have a problem with my moto g. it is not shows the logo but then the screen goes blank…what should i do?

  14. Hi I’ve a problem with Moto G, its automatically getting tapped, so at home screen the google search is getting opened itselg as well as when i open camera it starts clicking images automatically. Similarly i am not able to change settings of an app as its gets closed as soon as i open it ..please suggest a solution.. email

    • will look into it. You can login your gmail on desktop and select the drop down menu from top right corner where Gmail is written. You can delete your Google contacts easily.

    • I am also facing the same problem …. when i open messages it automatically places a call to the number.when i open a picture form gallery it automatically tries to forward to whatsapp .

      It is getting on my nerves

  15. My moto g camera images sometimes shows a vertical line in them. Image on one side of the line is darker than the other side. Could you please let me know the solution?

  16. Hi Plz help my contacts which are saved in Simcard which i have impoted
    vanishes then agian if i import from simcard they come its like 3 time in last 3 days it has happend suddenly….

  17. i have a problem with my moto g2 phone.whenever i m listening songs and a call comes then music still contined to play and i m not able to know about the call..plzz help me

  18. I m using MOTO G 2nd gen I have a issue like all of sudden I cannot hear the other party I cannot even hear the ring while calling, this is only sorted by restarting the phone , but after some time problem reoccure, i dont no weather it is network problem(I m using iDEA) or hardware problem, if anyone having any sollution plz reach me on 08652228573

  19. Hi ,i have problem in my moto g (1 st gen ) ,,it is not starting showing logo image but the screen is blank …pls help ,,how to fix this problem

  20. hi i brought moto G2 mobile 15 days back now what is the problem is Once put charging it will taken around 3 hours for full charging.And at the same time it will comes radiation.Please give me a sujjision

  21. i am using moto g2 , image and video are delete automatically after some time , i uninstall several application but still the problem exists.

  22. hi, i m using MOTO G 2nd gen,
    1) I install whats up,
    2) i off all vibrate mode
    3) But when i am typing in whats up messenger keypad vibrate is always on.

    Please tell me how to remove vibrate in whats up messenger…

  23. Hello, My daughters has the Moto G and the keyboard just stopped working all of the sudden. When you click to type a message, the back button blinks but the key board won’t come up for her to type. Any idea’s please?

  24. my problem is that i switched of my moto g for a shortwhile and now its not switching on… m tired of pressing the power button nd VOLdown button … tried it after charging to its still not working … please tell me solution

  25. I am using moto g (2nd gen) I have an issue on earpiece, I am hearing a buzzing sound when speaking. Works well on headset(No buzzing sound). I have tried settings->sound effects ->Equalizer off. Nothing works. It is running on android 5.0.2 lollipop. Do you have any suggestions or solutions for this issue?

  26. hi i brought moto g2 15 days back it goes well but suddenly today i am texting my friend in whatsapp my phone goes blank and i am trying to set normal with power button but no use. so can you tell me how i can fix the problem and my phn works as normal plzz.

  27. My screen of Moto G2 suddenly stop working after recieving a call. i tried to restart but it cant be done because of non responsive screen. I m using it since quite a few months. Can you suggest me what should i do. Reply as soon as possible. Thanx

  28. hi i am using moto g2 my battery does not get charged. i thought there might be problem with the connector, i changed the charge port connector and it still doesnt work. kindly help me with it

  29. I am unable to install whatsapp from the play store. It showed error 504,194 etc. I have tried all possible solutions but all in vain. Only thing im left with is factory reset. Will it solve my problem like 100% sure.?

  30. I bought moto g2 4 days back. Now i’m getting a problem with display. Pint coloured lines are forming at the corners of my phone. Dont know why its happening. Can anyone suggest

  31. hello sir my moto g2 not a turn on but battery is full not disply a boot cmd whats are problems this mobile pleas


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