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StoreDot Prototype can Charge Smartphones in 30 Seconds

StoreDot is an Israeli startup firm that has developed a special charger combination. The highlight of this new charger is that it can charge the smartphone battery in just 30 seconds!

Well, the company unveiled this new prototype to charge smartphones at the Think Next Conference in Tel Aviv hosted by Micorosoft. It was also showed how the battery-charger prototype can charge the smartphone from a low percentage to 100 full charge in such a short time span while conventional chargers time hours to restock the battery life.


As of now, StoreDot has developed a prototype that can work only with Samsung Galaxy S4, but the firm assures that they will work on prototypes that can work with other smartphones from other brands as well.

According to Wall Street Journal, the StoreDot has revealed that this charging technology will be priced twice the cost of a normal charger. But, this should not be concern considering its snappy charging time. While many startups are involved in making wireless charging kits for their smartphones, StoreDot is not relying on this technology. The charger made by the firm is currently the size of a laptop charger, but it gets all the peptides in motion soon as it is connected to a phone and thereby reduces the charging time to mere seconds.

Interested in this new battery-charger prototype to get your smartphones to full charge in just 30 seconds? You need to wait for couple of years to get this prototype into the commercial stores. StoreDot has claimed that they will start producing the consumer oriented chargers from late 2016, which is a long time from now. Moreover, it is not clear on when the prototype will hit the retail stores.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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