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6 Tips to Fast Charge Your Smartphone – Useful at Critical, Low Battery Level Times

Over the ages, Smartphones have evolved at a much faster rate compared to their batteries. We are now moving towards octa core 64 bit chipsets and 2K Quad HD phablet sized displays but the battery has remained a limitation. Manufacturers are now moving towards quick charging time to offset this limitation, for example the HTC One M8 can charge up to 80 percent in one hour. Meanwhile, if you are unsatisfied with the charging time of your battery, you can follow some precautions to speed up the process by a significant margin.


Switch Off Your Smartphone While Charging

I know its emotionally tough to power off your smartphone and loose all that global connectivity, but if you need your battery to retain maximum charge while you go through a haste session of Smartphone charging, turning off you battery will definitely help your cause.

In case you are still reluctant to power off your device, second option is to hit the Air plane mode which will isolate the battery consuming radio part in the device. Switching off your phone will also shield you from battery sucking rogue apps, if any.

Use A Wall Charger

Whenever you can, use a wall charger to charge your smartphone. The battery charge time depends on the current rating that flows in your smartphone and USB port from your laptop wont match the output that you can get from a wall charger from an authorized source.


This simple practice can save you up to 50 percent charging time or even more. Make sure that you opt for a certified wall charger with proper current rating. Higher the mA rating, lesser will be the charging time of your smartphone.

Monitor the Battery Temperature

In case you can’t afford the luxury to switch off your smartphone while charging, make sure you don’t run heavy apps which will heat up your smartphone while charging. Battery charging in itself discharges heat and further increase in temperature means that your battery won’t hold charge.

Prolonged exposure to heat will also reduce battery life while charging at very low temperature will prolong charging time. In practical life, battery temperature will rarely reach below 10 degree Celsius and it’s the heat which you need to be worried about. Download a battery monitoring App and take care that the temperature is below 45 degrees.

Battery Maintenance

Increasing Battery Backup or maintenance  is not as excruciating with Li ion batteries as it was with Ni Cadmium batteries used earlier, but nevertheless, some simple practices can keep your battery healthy for longer life span. Unlike, Unlike NiCad batteries, Li-ion batteries do not have a charge memory, so discharge cycles are not required. You don’t need to worry about how many times you plug in your charger.

It’s better to go for partial discharge cycles for a Li- ion battery, rather than a full discharge. It is advisable to have a full discharge once a month, but avoid going from 100 percent to zero on a regular basis. One complete discharge per month will help to maintain accuracy of battery gauge.

Use a Branded Micro USB cable

The USB cable that you use for charging is also a crucial parameter. USB cable also increases its resistance over a period of time hindering the current flowing through it and thus affecting the charging time of the device.


It is advisable to monitor the Current mA using apps like Battery Monitor Widget and when you go to purchase the new USB cable. The length of the cable will marginally affect the current flow as well. When you purchase your next USB cable, go for a good quality brand and check the mA flowing in your device at the shop itself.

Flash a New Kernel

For those of you not familiar with rooting and other related issues, a Kernel is like a gateway between your smartphone hardware and the software/apps trying to access it. Flashing a more efficient Kernel allows you to tweak internal settings and can also improve performance drastically.

It is a tricky process to find the right one for your phone, but if you manage to find one, flashing it won’t be as difficult for those used to flashing new ROMs on their Android device. And yes, it will void your device warranty.

Every flagship phone now carries a extreme battery saver mode and this in itself means that battery life is bothering many. Recently we have seen some prototype batteries which are capable of charging in only 30 seconds. Batteries with large capacity demand more volume and are heavier which is contrary to the rising demand of slim and sleek devices. Thus it is only logical that battery technology is working towards drastically reducing battery charging time. Make sure to know the battery charging time along with battery backup when you buy your next smartphone


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