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Why there is no Inbuilt File Manager in Windows Phone 8.1 and When You Will See It?

Windows Phone operating system is rapidly growing, but the platform lacks some aspects that users might desire to have. The latest iteration of the platform – Windows Phone 8.1 will not arrive on those devices that have a file manager. But, it is believed that this feature will be included in the next major update of the OS – Windows Phone 9. Now, let us take a look at why there is no file manager in this version of the platform and when it will come.

Reason for Lack of File Manager

Windows Phone operating system is highly secure and it is subjected to several security checks. This way, the platform will pose only reduced risk to the users similar to the Apple’s iOS platform. Owing to this reason, the platform has only sandboxed applications that are highly secure.

If there was a file manager as in other platforms such as Android, the levels of security will be watered down and it will provide access only to limited folders such as the ones that we can access through USB cable. For this reason, the Windows Phone 8.1 does not include a file manager.

windows phone file manager

File Picker

Though there is no file manager in the Windows Phone 8.1 platform, the software features a file picker that is meant for uploading the files and also helps in downloading in kind of file and saving it in the appropriate folder. In simple words, the file picker lets users to access any folder such as Documents, Music, Videos, Ringtones, Downloads and others internally, as soon as the device is connected to a PC through a USB cable.

The file picker is a kind of explorer that the Windows Phone users and developers have been longing for years together. Even applications can use the file picker in order to open and save the files in the phone memory, SD card or on services such as OneDrive.

It has to be noted that the File Picker is not a file manager, but it can be pulled up when choosing the move a file of any type from one folder to another.

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When will Windows Phone users Receive File Manager?

While it is confirmed that the there is no file manager in the Windows Phone 8.1 platform, understanding the inconvenience due to the lack of it, Microsoft set up a feature suggestion program in which anyone could participate for free and recommend the most wanted features. One such reader requested for the inclusion of a native file manager for which the Windows Phone team responded claiming that they might include it in the next update of the platform.

Also, a senior Microsoft developer verified by Reddit Mods held an AMA on Reddit in which many aspects of the Windows Phone 8.1 and the future progressions were revealed. In this, it was revealed that the Windows Phone 9 update coming in next will include the support for a native file manager.


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