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What Does It Mean to Block Messages on Whatsapp and How Its Linked Phone Blocking [iOS]

Whatsapp is a now a way to communicate silently when you don’t want to talk or cant talk, most of us use whatsapp on our phone as its available across all the phones irrespective you use an android, ios or a blackberry or Symbian or java device.  But with the popularity of whatsapp and it growing user base in india, the amount of spam message has also got increased.


Privacy Flaw in Whatsapp

The major privacy flaw in whatsapp is that anyone using whatsapp and they have their phone number in the their contacts can message you or in other words one the telemarketers and other promotion related bots can spam you with annoying ads.

Fighting Spam in Whatsapp

Whatsapp know about the above privacy threat but somehow they don’t change the options in such a way as it could badly affect the active users base, but they have provided several option to block or stop receiving spam messages from some bot or even from someone in or outside your contact list.

Block Whatsapp Spam Number

The first type of blocking is there in whatsapp which allows you to directly block a person, as for these messages which are normally being sent from some computer bot or some other way have the option to get blocked directly. (As you can see in the screenshot below)


Once you tap on the block button on the top left you will get the option to confirm


Now tapping red block option at the bottom you will see that the contact will be blocked and you will not receive message from this number from now on, but if you change your mind you can revert it back as you will see the option to unlock this number as well.


Note: Above method has been done on iPhone 5 running whatsapp with iOS 7.1 but same way you can use this method on other smartphones as well.

Blocking Someone In Your Contact List on Whatsapp

There are times when you may see some annoying jokes coming from someone in your contact list, now there is a simple way to block those message as well. The procedure in this case is going to be different for iPhone and android.


For iOS

In case you are using an iPhone, you need to go to contacts app and then you need to find the person whom you want to block and once you locate the contact open the details and there you will see the option to block him at the bottom of all options listed. It will say block this caller.


Once you tap on block this caller it will ask for confirmation and what will happen after this as well which indicates how the number will not be able to call you, message or facetime and more important the person will also get blocked automatically on whatsapp as well.


For Android

The procedure is little different on android as in android, it will give you the option to block the contact right away. For this you need to open a conversation you did with that contact earlier and then press the option button and then tap more.


The moment you tap on more, you will see the option to block the contact.


These are two above ways you can block people on whatsapp from sending you message and wasting your time. Do let us know if none of the above method works for you, we would love to help you. Leave your queries in the comments section below.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.