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Top 5 Ways to Create Video From Multiple Photos on Android Device

Our smartphones have become one of the most integral parts of our lives. We do a lot more on them than just make or receive calls. Smartphone cameras have improved vastly over the passage of time and now are used to click more pictures than we used to with the digital cameras. More often than not, we end up transferring those pictures to our desktops/laptops whenever we wish to create a video out of them. Today we have 5 applications for you which will surely make it easier for you to create videos from multiple pictures on your android device.

Slideshow Creator:

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As the name suggests, it is a slideshow creator for your Android smartphone. It is meant to create a slideshow for your loved ones which is simple yet beautiful. It  helps you create some pretty neat slideshows. It gives you the option to edit the pictures just the way you can do so in Instagram. The application offers you an online library too for adding background music but you can use your own music collection too.

Transition effects can be used to flip between pictures and the application comes with the ability to upload your slideshows straight away to Facebook and YouTube too. It can be downloaded here.

Ambivo Mediashow:

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Ambivo Mediashow is one the most functional applications out there to help you create video from multiple pictures on your android device. It  lets you combine pictures, videos & music to create a media presentation that can be then published as a video or as a live web page (not many offer the ability to publish as live web page).

You can combine the pictures and videos on your smartphone by combining them into a video with background music, voice over, captions, transitions, background image and effects. The video created can then be published straight away to various channels such Youtube, Facebook or to the Ambivo Social network. The contents of your album can double up as a live Web Page that provides an almost real time reflection of the latest contents of your album. What it does is that it gives your viewers a constant feed which is a pretty useful feature. It can be downloaded here.


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This is one of the easiest applications for creating a video from various pictures and gets things done just fine too. The application comes with an Integrated photo create studio which lets you add photos quickly. It has a pretty easy navigation as it has some really easy gesture controls which allow you to re-order, select and unselect pictures with simply a touch and drag. You can add your favourite music in the background. It provides the user with a slew of other functionalities such as modification of picture duration and their rotation can be customised too. Post you’ve created a slideshow, you can share the same over Facebook and YouTube. You can download it here.

Photo to Video Convertor:

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Photo to Video Converted is another useful app to convert your photos to video slideshow. You just need to select the pictures you would want to add to the video slideshow and then add your desired song. And you are ready to go post that.

You can add as many pictures as you want from the gallery. The pictures can be selected manually and you can alter the framerate of the video to preview the images. You can set a specific number of images which can be previewed in a given time as per the framerate. You can add background music score too and view the saved videos inside the application whenever you wish to. You can download the app here.

Photo Slideshow Maker:

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This app lets you view your regular pictures with a bit of a twist courtesy of a slew of animations on offer. It can easily organize photos and videos of your smartphone and give a digital photo frame slideshow look to your photo album or photo collage with some really good photo FX and photo frames. The editor is a decent unit too and the application performs pretty well without any issues or lags whatsoever. It displays the pictures on your phone in categorically adjusted folders. You can adjust the audio speed which is a pretty functional feature. Summing it up, it is one of the better pictures to slideshow makers available today. You can download it here.


Having an application to stitch your pictures into a video with some voice and transition effects on the move surely makes a lot of sense if you like to recreate special moments in a way that pleases you and others. Some other apps which can be checked out are Klipmix, Movie Studio Video Maker and VideoFX Movie Maker which also provide a similar level of functionality.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar, a known technology blogger & YouTuber from India. A Software Engineer by qualification, now he works as the editor-In-Chief, Webmaster, & Managing Director at Gadgets To Use. He runs a number of other technology websites as well.