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Top 5 Apps To Lock Apps, Videos, Photos and Files on Android Devices

If you are worried about your friends borrowing your phone to play games, office mates looking to view your personal images or kids messing up the settings of your phone, then you need to install the following apps to protect your privacy and block unauthorized access. So let’s take a look at these apps


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AppLock is one of the most popular app lock available in the Google Play store. AppLock can lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, gallery, settings, calls and any app that you choose thus protecting your privacy. AppLock also hides pictures and videos, not only this you can select pictures and videos from the gallery and move them to the photo and video vault. You can see these pictures/videos by keying in the passcode/pattern.

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You also have the option of creating a user profile which will save your preferences and lock apps accordingly. AppLock supports 24 languages and has more than 40 million users. Innovative features include the time and location lock, which automatically activates your profile when it is that time of the day or when you are near that saved location. The saved location is identified by the Wi-Fi network at that place.

Smart AppLock (App Protector)

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Smart AppLock is a great privacy protection tool that locks SMS, Gallery, contacts and all other apps. You can set a pattern/ password to lock your apps. Now what if you forget your password/ pattern, don’t worry Smart AppLock has a password retrieval system in which you have to enter your e-mail id and a security question which will help you to retrieve your password/ pattern.

You can even block the installation/uninstallation of any app using this app. The interface is quite neat with all options available in the setting tab in the bottom of the screen. Smart AppLock has more than 1 million downloads and an average rating of 4.3 stars.

Smart Lock Free (App/Photo)

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Smart Lock is a super locker which protects your privacy. The app hides apps, pictures, media files, USB storage via a password. The app supports 3 languages namely English, Japanese and Korean. You get 3 methods to lock your stuff in your smartphone which includes number password, text password and pattern.

Smart Lock has close to 1 million downloads with an average rating of 4.3 stars. There is an option of a displaying a fake error message on the lock screen. You can also move the pictures to other folder and lock them. A short cut to launch the app from the dialer pad is also available.  Smart Lock Free is a very good app as it has a loads of features to protect your privacy.

Apps Lock &Gallery Lock + Hide

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Apps Lock & Gallery Lock+Hide is a locker app which locks your photos, videos and a whole lot of other apps. You get 3 options to lock your apps namely pin, pattern and voice access. Also there is the normal feature of password recovery via e-mail.

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An option of double door protection can be activated from the settings to lock your gallery. And yes an option of randomizing keypad keys further beefs up the protection of your smartphone. Media files can be individually selected and hidden. You can also encrypt your media files using this app. There is also a private camera which stores your clicked images in a separate hidden folder not accessible from the gallery.  Data recovery mode allows you to recover your lost pics and videos. One very impressive feature is the break in alerts feature which clicks then image of the intruder who tries to access your data without your permission.

Smart App Lock

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Smart App Lock is a very popular lock app with more than 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4.5 stars. Smart App Lock will protect your gallery and apps via a password or pattern. For added security you get the observer option in the setting which can click images, record video, sound alarm when an intruder inputs a wrong password.

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The app also enables to set multiple passwords and also a different password for each app. A fake lock screen is also available with this app. Other basic features includes option to lock installation/uninstallation of the app, remote control which enables to lock /unlock your phone via a SMS. All in all a very good app with multi-layered security for your smartphone.

Other similar apps

Other apps with similar features are Fast App lockApplock Master–Lock your apps and applock.


These locker apps will surely help you to protect your apps from unauthorized access and also lock your confidential data. These apps have been downloaded by millions of users thus you should not worry about them being infected with any sort of malware/ spyware.


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