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Taste CynogenMod Custom ROM on Your Android Smartphone without Rooting

CynogenMod is one of the most popular custom ROM for android phones and it comes with its own set of apps. The Good news is, now all android users can access these apps through a free play store app, and that too without Rooting!!


CynogenMod is one of the most popular custom ROMs uses worldwide and up to now, users who had been shying away from it due to root access required, can have some first hand experience of CynogenMod apps which includes a music player, file manager, launcher, wallpaper app, etc.

Screenshot_2014-05-24-11-18-36screenshot (13)

Unfortunately, all apps might not run on your smartphone. You might get parsing error or some other error. On our Android jelly bean we weren’t able to get Next camera work. It didn’t work on Nexus 5 either. We were able to install most other apps without difficulty.

Screenshot_2014-05-24-11-19-25screenshot (15)

You can download CM Apps from Playstore for Free and get a taste of CynogenMod yourself. Another similar app named CM Apps Installer will however require root access.

Full list of Cynogen Mod Apps Available for non rooted users are:

1. Apollo (music player)

2. Next Camera (4.4+) (new camera from CM 11s)

3. Camera (normal camera)

4. Messaging (SMS)

5. Clock Widget (clock and weather app)

6. DSP Manager (bass boost for headphones)

7. File Manager (file manager)

8. Sound Recorder (recorder)

9. Calculator (calculator)

10. Torch (flashlight)

11. Trebuchet (CM launcher)

12. Wallpapers


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