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Top 7 Awesome features of LG G3

LG yesterday launched its latest flagship phone LG G3 (Quick Review) which comes with some new innovations and focuses on simplistic design for comfortable and hazel free smartphone experience. LG has been attentively listening to the reviews of LG G2 and has tried to improve on every aspect to Make LG G3 a formidable wall for all rivals.


Laser Auto Focus

This is the coolest feature that we have seen in LG G3. LG has used the same Sony IMX135 sensor it used on G2 and has mainly endeavored to improve the focus time. On the left side of the camera sensor you will find a transmitter. The laser beam will measure the distance between the subject you are shooting to focus rightly and quickly. LG Claims that it takes LG G2 only 276 milliseconds to focus and that is indeed saying something.


We will have to wait sometime to know if it works as well in outdoor scenario. According to LG, the system works best at a distance of 2 feet and incase the laser auto focus fails, LG G3 will compensate with contrast base Auto Focus, which eliminates the need for distance to speed up the focusing process.

Smart Keyboard

LG G3 smart keyboard comes with loads of customization options and promises to take your typing experience to the next level. The keyboard will learn your typing habits and provide predictive inputs accordingly. You can also customize keyboard keys and place comas and underscores on top if you use them often. The keyboard can also be resized according to the size of your fingers.


LG Claims that its Smart Keyboard can reduce typing errors by tracking and analyzing typing habits and intuitively “knowing” what word the user intended to type. Since Keyboard is a very important part of Smartphone experience, LG G3 can score a lot of points if the new keyboard works as advertised.

Smart Notice


Smart Notice works a lot like Google Now and provides predictive responses based on your behaviour and life style scenario. The Smart Notice will ask you to delete apps which you haven’t used for a long time or to carry an umbrella when you leave for work. It can also remind you about the calls you missed. We will have to wait how much value this adds to your smartphone experience and to already existing Google Now.

Quad HD display

This is a bold step from LG to incorporate 1440 x 2560 pixels on a 5.5 inch display, amounting to 534 pixels per inches. The initial reviews pouring in don’t point to a noticeable difference between best full HD displays and LG G3’s quad HD one, but the same was said for Full HD over HD some time back.


We will have to wait for some time to see how the added pixels affect the day to day experience. The LG G3 display however is among the best ones out there and is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

Adaptive Framerate, Adaptive Clocking and Adaptive Timing Control

LG G3 is depending of these three features to reduce battery consumption. Adaptive framerate implies that your static images won’t be refreshed at 60FPS and thus will save the power consumption. This is an effective technique which works. LG has not mentioned if it has also added a Graphic RAM similar to LG G2 which reduced battery consumption by up to 10 percent.

Adaptive clocking and Adaptive time control work in a similar fashion to ensure that your display is not powered and the Chipset isn’t working hard when it doesn’t have to. All these battery saving features did work on LG G2 and it will be amazing if LG G3 can carry its Quad HD display without much reduction in battery backup.

Floating Arc Design and Narrow Bezels


LG G3 implements Floating Arc design which gently curves at the back to provide with a comfortable grip. The most impressive design feature which complements the Quad HD display is the narrow bezels. LG G3 flaunts a screen ratio of 76.4 percent with thin bezels all around which means there is mostly display out there and the phone will feel smaller than a conventional 5.5 Inch phablet.

Removable Battery

The battery backup of LG G3 will be the critical parameter in determining if it scores above others and if the Quad HD display was actually worth it. The good news is, that in spite of metallic back cover, LG G3 battery is removable which means, you can carry a spare and conveniently replace it when it starts underperforming.


LG has replaced the metallic cathode with graphite ones in order to ensure that LG G3 battery can take all the beating that comes it way. Like other flagship phones, LG hasn’t highlighted any extreme battery saving mode on LG G3.

LG G3 Features- Simple is the new Smart [Video]


LG G3 is one seems one of the most innovative flagship Android phones that we have seen this year. Besides the above mentioned features, it also includes OIS+, 1 Watt speakers, Wireless charging, LG Health and much more.The phone is feature loaded and checks all the right boxes. It only remains to be seen if the phone can deliver as promised, and if it does, LG G3 will definitely be a worthy successor of the LG G2.


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