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Lava Iris X1 Review, Unboxing, Benchmarks, Gaming, Camera and Verdict

Lava Iris X1 is very recent device which entered indian market and this device was launched in competition to popular budget smartphone Moto E which has got great response. This device on the other comes very close to Moto E in terms of specs and goes better as well in many departments. In this review we will tell you whether this device is worth the money you spend on it.


Lava Iris X1 Full In Depth Review + Unboxing [Video]

Lava Iris X1 Quick Specs

  • Display Size: 4.5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 480 x 854 resolution
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad Core Broadcom BCM23550
  • RAM: 1 Gb
  • Software Version: Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) OS
  • Camera: 8 MP AF camera.
  • Secondary Camera: 2 MP front-facing camera FF [Fixed Focus]
  • Internal Storage: 4 GB
  • External Storage: Expandable up to 32GB
  • Battery: 1800 mAh battery Lithium Ion
  • Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP, aGPS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio
  • Others: OTG Support – Yes, Dual SIM – Yes, LED Indicator – Yes
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity and ambient light sensor.

Box Contents

Handset, battery 1800 mAh, MicroUSB to USB Cable, USB Charger, Flip Cover, Standard earphones, screen guard, warranty card and user manual.

Build Quality, Design and Form Factor

Lava Iris X1 has the same design which we have seen on Lava Iris Pro 30 and Pro 20 and also have good quality of the plastic being used on the rear. The rear cover can be easily removed but its not loose. On the edges, we have sliver colored plastic which makes the device look premium. It has good built quality overall does not feel very strong and looks of this device is like, you have the iPhone 4 or 4S in your hand. It matches the form factor as well as you can easily hold it in one hand and can be used with one hand. Weight of this device is around 130 grams which makes it lighter to hold and thickness of this phone is around 8.8 mm which is not less but device neither feel bulky nor heavy in hand.


Camera Performance

It has 8MP rear camera which can produce good photos in day light and in low light its still decent and better than some devices in similar price segment but the camera user interface is stock android. Front facing camera is just average no so great for video calls but still you can use for video chat and video calls with proper light falling on your face or else video feed will have a lot of noise.

Camera Samples


Lava Iris X1 Camera Video Sample

coming soon…

Display, Memory and Battery Backup

It has IPS display with resolution 480 x 854 with good viewing angles and color reproduction of the display is good as well, you can also read the phone display under sunlight and it does support automatic brightness. In built memory of the phone is 4Gb out of which around 1.70 Gb is available to the user and it has microSD card slot as well. You can install apps on the SD card directly as it gives this option once you insert SD card. You can change SD Card as default write disk (reboot required). Battery drains quite fast when you play games or watch videos on this device. If you have more apps usage then you will get around one day of backup but with games and video playback it will give you around 5-6 hours max.


Software, Benchmarks and Gaming

The software interface is almost stock android with slight amount of changes in the icons and home screen wallpaper. User Interface is mostly smooth and lag free but when you run number of apps and games in background you will notice some UI lag in animations and home screen transitions. You can play casual games like Temple Run Oz, Subway Surfer and graphic intensive games can also be played we played Blood and Glory and it ran fine, you can also play HD games like MC4 and Nova 3 as well but gaming experience will not be very smooth.

Benchmark Scores

  • Quadrant Standard Edition: 3456
  • Antutu Benchmark: 11363
  • Nenamark2:  47.3 fps
  • Multi Touch:  2 point

Lava Iris X1 Gaming Review [Video]

Sound, Video and Navigation

The loudspeaker is placed on the rear back panel at the bottom, it might get blocked and muffled at times when you place the device on a flat table. Sound from loud speaker is quite loud and good enough you can get at this price point. It can also play HD videos but 720p videos played fine but when we tried playing 1080p videos they showed audio and video sync issues, still you can play them well using third party video players like MX Player. You can also use this phone for GPS navigation it worked for us, when we tried using it in Outdoors but when we were indoors it was not able to lock GPS coordinates because of low signal strength.

Lava Iris X1 Photo Gallery


What We Liked

  • Better Camera Performance
  • Light Weight
  • Great Form Factor and One Handed Usage
  • Front Camera

What We Did Not Liked

  • Good but Not Great Built Quality
  • Average Battery Life

Conclusion and Price

Lava Iris X1 is available in offline market and online market for around Rs. 7999 INR and it is one of the good Moto E competitor with better camera, front camera, apps can be installed with SD card and display which is slightly less in resolution than Moto E but color reproduction of the display is good enough. In all we like Lava Iris X1 apart from the fact that it has good but not great built quality and stock android camera user interface but still none of these points can be deal breaker for many users out there.

32 thoughts on “Lava Iris X1 Review, Unboxing, Benchmarks, Gaming, Camera and Verdict”

  1. in Iris x1 while changing the default app installation location a notification pop-ups saying :
    ” You have selected the SD card, device will be rebooted to apply this change,

    Does this mean that, if we have installed some apps in the phone storage, we won’t be able to access those apps again ?

  2. xolo q600s or lava x1 or moto e i am a gamer i play hd games like gangstar vegas , gta 3 , mc 3, etc plees suggers mee any one of the above

  3. Two questions, this phone got 1 micro Sim (2g) & 1 normal Sim (3g).
    If I put 2g Sim card in normal 3G Sim slot, will it work? Or if I put 3g Sim card even, can I get 2G data from this normal Sim slot?

    How can I put micro Sim into normal sim slot in this phone? Any adapter can be used? Any link?

  4. you will get 3G data only in 3G SIM slot. 2G and Calling will work on both SIM cards in any slot. yes you will get 2G data, but we didn’t test that on X1

  5. we haven’t reviewed Xolo Q600s yet. Out of the other two Iris X1 is better for gaming

  6. I am planning to buy this lava x1, is it a good mobile or not. I want to know its drawbacks if any and user review. Also suggest me which phone to buy among these 3- moto E, lava X1 & micromax Unite?

  7. I just got the LAVA IRS X1.

    The main issue I am facing is relatively poor (low) audio from the speaker (while ringing) as well as while on speakerphone (during a call). Its a major put off driving me towards return. This even when the volume is set to full.

    Even in meeting mode, the vibrator is way too low & does not solve the purpose of an active notification when a call or message. You’ve mentioned the speaker volume is quite reasonable, so does it mean that there is some issue with my device??

    Also, the phone does not allow you to set music files as caller tunes for anyone in the caller list? Any work-around ??

    Appreciate your response

  8. The audio wasn’t too loud but not as bad either. ask for a replacement. Its weaker when the phone is lying on its back.
    for custom ringtones there are several ways you can do it. You can also assign ringtones using stock music player or download Ringtone Maker or any other similar app from playstore

  9. hey i wanted to know that there is any heating problm in lava x1. should i go for it? or which is better lava x1 or micromax unite 2.

  10. As the review suggests, the Lava X1 would be a very good buy as it offers a lot of features at a really competitive price!

  11. I have bought the Lava iris X1 and the phone seems to be working fine. the interface is quite smooth though i haven’t tried playing MC4 yet. The camera is working fine though i have installed camera 360 as my default camera app. what i really like is the design of the phone as you can freely show off your phone as the design is just killer.

  12. Thats it.. i think i will now buy the X1. the combination of looks are features are too good. and the low price is icing on the cake.

  13. I found the default camera app to clunky for my liking. i installed
    camera 360 and it is much better. as for the rest of the phone. I’m
    lovin’ it!!

  14. I havent faced any heating problem yet. try it out, you will be as amazed as i am.

  15. i have lava iris x1 mobile .this mobile very bad .my lava iris x1 i one week software problem automatic shutdown mobile unfortunately mute speeker .and heating problm in lava x1.

  16. I had the same issue mam.. but i used camera ZOOM and it is awesome. i have started posting so many pictures in instagram now

  17. i downloaded the asphalt 8 airborne and please make me know that whether the apk is to be installed in the sd card or internal memory and also where to place the obb (data) files on the phone. (probably in the sd card i think) but i don’t know. so please help me out… Waiting for your response…

  18. when i was using the mobile i normally used to get a annoying error message that is “Unfortunately Google+ has stopped”. How to get rid of this. I tried to uninstall it but it is an built in app thereby the phone does not allow to uninstall the app… Please help me out…

  19. i installed the app to sd card and the data to sdcard/android/obb…. But when i open the game it starts and it makes a prompt as Checking license and it says Unfortunately Asphalt Airborne 8 is stopped.. what can be done to play the game in my lava iris x1???

  20. Can you provide a detailed description on installing… where to place my data and whether to install it in the sdcard… but i did it like this. but again it checks for the license and says unfortunately asphalt 8 has stopped and it exits

  21. Is there any issu with the services of lava phones, coz I heard it’s service is very poor, and in some cases replacement takes 2-3 months???
    Plz let me know soon, coz I’m thinking to buy iris x1

  22. hi deepak can you help me out… a few days ago i found my rear camera was not working and that sometimes i found my front cam working or else the apps stays black… But if i switched off the phone and removed the battery and reinserted it, the both camera works well for a while and soon the same problem shoots out… I did a factory reset for thrice and i didn’t drop the phone down… but the problem persists… pls help me through it…

  23. Plz download a camera app like zoom camera, Google Camera or any other and see if the same problem comes with the other app as well. If yes, you will have to get it checked at the service center.

  24. i have seen so many reviews stating about lava memory issues. When u move an app to sd card,it vanishes and mobile get rebooted or sometimes getting switched off…. Is that true ???

  25. hey i have purchased this phone 1 week ago. but when ever i switch off and again restart the phn all my apps moved to sdcard got removed ..what to do its blunder to install apps again and again, and also files not movin properly to sd card its shows moved to sd card but .. sd card shows the application but it is not consumin the memory of sd card and when we restart the phone all the application vanishes.

    plz tell me wt to do i am feeling like throw the phone to bin

  26. Rupali Panchadhaye

    hey.. i have used a lava phone before and i haven’t got any problems with their service. Just make sure that you go to an authorized service center. Lava has already listed down their service centers on their website.

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