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Gionee Teases a New Phone With Windows Phone Like Interface

Gionee has teased an upcoming smartphone on its Facebook page with familiar Windows Phone Tiled interface. The caption puts a question mark after Windows Phone 8, which implies Gionee will perhaps use Windows Phone like Tiled home screen or theme on an Android AOSP.


We won’t be missing Amigo ROM and UI which Chinese manufacturer uses on all its smartphone for sure, but is a Nokia X like tiled interface an Interesting proposition? Well that strictly depends on your taste.

The good thing about android is the freedom and customization options it brings along with it. An Android phone with Windows phone like Interface is something you easily get with free apps like Launcher 8 (FakeWP 8). The App also allows you to customize tiles and add colors.

Gionee has also provided a Windows Phone Home button for complete look and feel.Windows Phone OS is very resource efficient and works without lag even on budget lumia devices with as low as 512 MB RAM, Android on the other hand has the support of infinite App ecosystem. To combine the positives of both is truly mesmerizing, but that’s not what the change in Interface is supposed to do.

Are you excited for an Android phone with Windows Phone like tiled UI? Gionee might launch an AOSP version with tiled interface similar to Nokia X or perhaps just roll out an OTA update with Windows Phone like theme for existing devices. Let’s wait and watch for more.

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