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Microsoft McLaren Windows Phone will Implement 3D Touch for Air Gestures

Few days back, we came across rumors that Microsoft is prepping a Windows Phone device codenamed McLaren and that it could be the next flagship model. It was also speculated that this device will be launched this fall and that it is the sequel to Nokia Lumia 1020 tipping that there will be a spectacular camera onboard.

microsoft mclaren

The latest rumors by TheVerge surrounding the McLaren suggest that Microsoft is planning to implement a 3D Touch system in the device. The 3D Touch system is functions like the Microsoft Kinect and it allows the users to interact with the McLaren in without even touching the display.

Rumor claims that this technology will be exclusive only to the Microsoft devices and that it will not be available on the Windows Phone device made by other manufacturers. Going by the rumors, Nokia was working on the 3D Touch technology for years together. The system incorporates many hardware sensors and it will allow the users to answer calls just by holding the ringing handset next to their ears. It will enable the loudspeaker if the phone is placed on a flat surface, end the call one the device is in the pocket and mute the microphone when the phone is placed onto the user’s chest.

The speculations also suggest that the 3G Touch will power on the device automatically once the sensors detect that the user is holding it and also the sides of the phone will allow the users to interact with it. For instance, it is claimed that users can swipe to zoom, drag their fingers on the sides while taking pictures and more. The technology is also said to sense how the user is holding the device and tweak the display orientation accordingly.

Reportedly, the 3D Touch enabled phones will also come with MixView that allows the users to hover over a Live Tile to tap down in the air without even touching the screen. This will open a number of smaller Tiles that are relevant to that particular service. For instance, if the user hovers over the Facebook Tile, it will reveal other tiles such as Messaging Tile and Phone Tile.

These days, many smartphones are coming up with 3D displays and video capturing ability. The main reason for the impetus behind the same is the expansion of the smartphone capabilities. Amazon is all set mark a new standard by launching a 3D smartphone on June 18. Unfortunately, those 3D smartphones that have been launched so far have failed to succeed creating lot of expectations from the Kindle maker.

As the 3D technology is yet to advance multiple technologies surrounding it have started emerging. Lately, a California based company Ostendo Technologies came up with the world’s first hologram projector chip that can emit chip videos and glasses free 3D images on smartphones and big screens.


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