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How Does Overcharging Kill the Battery of your Smartphone

Overcharging is something which has been bugging the smartphone users for a long period of time now and there is a generic belief that overcharging somehow spoils the battery life of the smartphones. In this post we will tell you everything about overcharging, how does it actually hampers the battery of your smartphone and how to get rid of this problem.


Does your battery really overcharges?

Well, most of the expert geeks say that all other smartphones these days have a circuit mechanism to cut off the connection of main supply with the battery when it gets fully charged. So, this means once you see the battery level on your smartphone at 100 percent then it is no longer on the main power supply or in other words you smartphone is back on its battery strength.


How does overcharging hampers battery life?

It is fine that the circuits cuts off the battery from the main supply when it reaches 100% but then it gets back to the power supply when it reaches 99%. So, this cycle of hopping between 99% and 100% creates a problem for your smartphone. Please note that it is not 99% percent for all the smartphones, few smartphones will plug your battery into the power supply once it reaches 90% and this figure varies as per different devices but the difference in these figures are not huge.

This process of frequent and continuous charging and discharging causes your smartphone to heat-up and thus hampering the strength of the battery of your smartphone.

Another point which can be noted that when your battery is between the level of 90% and 100%, then it produces a corrosive effect which further hampers the battery health. So, it is recommended that your smartphone should stay between these battery levels for as minimum time as it can be as the effect stated above is enhanced by the temperature elevation.

Just to let you know that usually there is steep fall from the battery level of 100% to 90% (once you take your smartphone out of the long charging period) but this is not visible on your smartphone because the manufacturers use a salty gauge which replaces this actual steep battery level fall by a slower or lesser steep fall.

So How to get rid of it?

First of there are certain tips, which you should follow to maintain a healthy life for you smartphone battery.

  • Never use your device while it is charging. You must have observed that while doing so your smartphone heats up which hampers the battery life.
  • Never put your smartphone under direct sunlight (again because of temperature issues).

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Use some of these applications to remind yourself whenever your smartphone gets fully charged.



  • Battery Full Alarm



How can I Quick-Charge my Smartphone?

Best way is to completely switch off your device and then charge it but  if it is not possible then put your device in the Airplane mode and then charge the device.

Again, if you are expecting any important call and you cannot put your phone on Airplane mode, then force kill all the applications running in the background and then switch off the WiFi and Cellular Data connections on your smartphone.

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So, finally we can say that the battery of your smartphone does not over charge but keeping your smartphone connected to the charger for longer duration generates heat which spoils out the battery. Try out by following out the tips which have been mentioned above and do let us know if you have any other good tip for getting rid of this issue.


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