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Top 5 Ways to Quick Uninstall Multiple Apps on Android

Most of us keep on downloading numerous applications from games, live wallpapers and useful software until we realize our app drawer is cluttered with too many apps. These applications will eat up the device’s valuable space and it will become a tedious task to uninstall each app. Of course, it is possible to manually uninstall each unwanted app directly from the app drawer. But, there is no way to uninstall a batch of apps simultaneously. To our rescue, the Google Play Store has a slew of applications that enable uninstalling multiple apps simultaneously. We have handpicked some of these uninstaller applications for you to help you in removing unnecessary apps in a batch without much struggle.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a full featured file and application manager that takes up different roles such as file manager, task killer, application manager, cloud storage client and download manager. Talking about the role of application manager, the device enables categorizing, uninstalling, backing up and creating shortcuts for the applications stored on your device. It also acts as a remote file manager to manage the files on your device using your computer, built-in viewers, text viewers and editors, Bluetooth file browser and others.


Ks Uninstaller

The Ks Uninstaller is a top-rated application that allows you to choose the applications you want to let go off your device. It will show how much space is consumed by each application that is installed and the cache it is using. The highlights of this app are that it is fast to use with a clean interface and it does not eat up much of the storage. The only catch is that this app requires full internet access to allow the ads.

ks uninstaller

Fast Uninstaller

The Fast Uninstaller is an easy to use and extremely fast uninstaller app that allows users to quickly uninstall the applications from your device thereby ensuring that your native storage space is not wasted. With this app, you can uninstall bulk of applications in only a single press.

Fast Uninstaller

Titanium Backup


The Titanium Backup is one of the most popular applications that are especially used to backup the significant app data, system data and Wi-Fi passwords that are saved on your device. This app required rooted devices and it helps in bulk uninstalling of applications including the system apps widgets that were pre-loaded. The app displays all the apps installed on device and you can choose the ones to uninstall or freeze. The latter option will keep the app in the device’s memory, but make it inaccessible.

The advantage of this app is that it does not require any permission every time you choose to unistall a batch of applications, while the others prompt you to grant separate permission for these actions.

Easy Uninstaller

The Easy Uninstaller is a handy tool to uninstall several applications at the same time quickly and easily. It features app removal, batch uninstall, different sort modes, app share, cached app list, uninstall history similar to Recycle Bin and uninstall reminder. With this app, it is easy to select multiple apps and click on the ‘Uninstall Selected Apps’ and get rid of them in a single click.

easy installer

Other Similar Apps

Apart from these aforementioned applications, the Play Sore has several other apps such as Uninstall Master Uninstaller, Uninstall Perfect Uninstaller, Easy Uninstall and more.


After using any of these uninstaller applications, you will recognize that all the apps that you selected are uninstalled, thereby freeing up your phone memory. These applications are useful if you end up in having numerous unused apps that have been installed on your phone. Some of them even help in getting rid of the default apps that have been pre-loaded on your device by the manufacturer, but this required root access.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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